Midreshet Tzvia: Torah, Zionism & Creativity

Midreshet Tzvia, the new seminary in Jerusalem, inspires religious women by creating a unique synthesis of intensive Torah learning, strengthened Zionist values and spiritual Self-Expression.

For the past thirty years Tzvia schools have raised generations of successful religious women educated in over twenty high schools throughout Israel. The principles of Rav Kook and the ideals of Religious Zionism, Torah, Halakha, and secular studies are all taught through the prism of Kedushat Eretz Yisrael. The Tzvia Yitziratit track combines this dedication to academic excellence with opportunities for students to develop their natural talents in dance, music and fine arts.

Midreshet Tzvia has drawn on the experience and full support of the Tzvia network of schools to create an exciting, new and unique program connecting each student to the Torah, Land and People of Israel. The young women who will be a part of Midreshet Tzvia will be immersed in a year of Excellence, Integration and Creativity.

Click on below link to view full pdf brochure about the exciting new program.

midreshet tzvia brochure final

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