500th day of continual Daily Torah Tweets!

500th day of continual Daily Torah Tweets!
I’m pleased to share with you my personal milestone of 500 continuous days of Daily Torah Tweets. What started as a somewhat unusual idea has blossomed into an informal, eclectic, spontaneous Torah learning community. I’m not sure as to the number of active participants versus mere observers, but the likes, retweets, shares, questions and debates have engendered hundreds of Torah discussions with friends, family and strangers in the past year and a half.
It’s particularly satisfying to see an idea for Torah dissemination reach further than anticipated. I still have more hopes and plans for these Daily Torah Tweets and thank all of those who have been supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic about this effort.
You can see the archives at the following link https://ben-tzion.com/daily-torah-tweets/ . I’m currently posting on Twitter (@bentzis), Facebook (Bentzi Spitz) and LinkedIn (under the Ben-Tzion Spitz profile, not the Ben Spitz one), as well as sending via email and WhatsApp. If you’re interested in following on any of these media, reach out.

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