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Tuesday / 26-Jan-21 / 13 Shvat 5781                                  #1501
#ParshaYomi #Beshalah 3: Pillar of smoke & fire between Jews & Egypt. Moshe raises staff, strong wind from east blows overnight. Sea splits.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 12:1 Board placed over mouth of new oven, overlapping all sides Tefah: if Tumah below board, vessels above are Tahor.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 66: If a person gets angry, if he’s a Torah scholar, his wisdom leaves him; if he’s a prophet, his prophecy leaves him.
#RambamYomi #Taaniot 4:2 Elders rebuke community on fast, say: it’s not sackcloth & fast that have effect, but repentance & good deeds.
#HalachaYomi OC 32:34 Two letters that make up one word should not be written outside of the line on the Tfilin.
#TanyaYomi 13Shvat: When occupied w/ Torah, soul & its “garments”, brain, mouth, merged in perfect unity w/ Supreme Will & light of En Sof.
#EmunaYomi 709: Our moods, situation, or circumstances can change from hour to hour. Everything that saddens person from Heavenly Court.


Monday / 25-Jan-21 / 12 Shvat 5781                                  #1500
#ParshaYomi #Beshalah 2: Egyptians catch Jews w/ back to sea. Jews panic. Moshe: Don’t worry. God will fight for you & destroy them.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 11:9 Vessels that are between the rims of the olive-basket and the rims of the cellar, even to the depths, remain clean.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 65: World can’t function w/o perfume merchants or tanners (smelly job). Fortunate are perfume merchants, woe to tanners.
#RambamYomi #Taaniot 3:2 If no rain by Rosh Hodesh Kislev court decrees 3 communal fasts Monday, Thursday, Monday. Can eat & drink at night.
#HalachaYomi OC 32:31 If not writing Tfilin from written source, don’t write based on dictation, unless he repeats it and reads it out loud.
#TanyaYomi 12Shvat: Thought & meditation on words of Torah are completely merged in perfect unity w/ the Supreme Will; not merely a vehicle.
#EmunaYomi 708: A person can change that which has been predetermined on Rosh Hashana by Tshuva (repentance), prayer & charity.


Sunday / 24-Jan-21 / 11 Shvat 5781                                  #1499
#ParshaYomi #Beshalah 1: Jews leave Egypt. Moshe takes Joseph’s bones. Pharaoh realizes freed Jews, takes army w/ 600 chariots & pursues.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 11:6 In case where the Tumah was in the house and clean persons overshadowed him: B’ Shamai: Tahor; B’ Hilel: Tamei.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 64: King Agripas estimated census counting kidneys from Pesah sacrifice. 1.2 million kidneys = population of ~12 million.
#RambamYomi #Taaniot 2:1 Fast, trumpets if: enemies; army; plague; rampage; locust; blight; fallen house; epidemic; no sustenance; no rain.
#HalachaYomi OC 32:27 Letters slightly erased, but left impression, if kid who’s not a genius or simpleton can read, can go over w/ quill.
#TanyaYomi 11Shvat: Torah & God entirely one. Commandments are Supreme Will, His true desire. Life & sustenance dependent on performance.
#EmunaYomi 707: Judged on RoshHashana for the year. Daily judgement determines HOW RoshHashana’s judgments will be enacted (joy vs. sorrow).


Shabbat / 23-Jan-21 / 10 Shvat 5781                                  #1498
#ParshaYomi #Bo 7: Laws: Sanctity of 1stborn; remember day of Exodus; children will ask, tell them God took us out with mighty hand; tfilin.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 11:4 Person looking out window, overshadowed funeral procession: B’ Shamai: doesn’t bring Tumah. B’ Hilel: brings Tumah.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 63: R’ Shimon b Lakish: Don’t flog for uncertain warning (Hatraat Safek), as uncertain warning isn’t considered a warning.
#RambamYomi #Taaniot 1:2 Cry out to God during difficulties, path of repentance, realize ‘cuz of bad deeds, repent, difficulties removed.
#HalachaYomi OC 32:24 Permitted to write on place where letters were scraped away & on place where it was erased. Don’t scrape until dry.
#TanyaYomi 10Shvat: Arrogance truly compares to idolatry. Root of idolatry, regarded as thing in itself, sundered from Divine holiness.
#EmunaYomi 706: When incur unfavorable verdict from Heavenly Court for negative action, feels sadness, pessimism & heaviness of the spirit.


Friday / 22-Jan-21 / 9 Shvat 5781                                  #1497
#ParshaYomi #Bo 6: Death of 1stborns. All Egypt clamor: Jews leave. “Lend” gold, silver, garments. Jews make Matza. Laws of Pesach night.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 11:2 Portico which has been split into two: If there’s uncleanness on one side, vessels on the other side remain clean.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 62: Brurya: so sharp, great memory, she learned 300 laws in 1 day from 300 Sages, yet hard to learn Genealogies in 3 yrs.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 19:4 From Aries, constellations’ positions diverge from equator to north until Cancer, 23.5 degrees north of equator.
#HalachaYomi OC 32:23 If Tfilin missing 1 letter, no way to fix it; if were to fix, would be written out of order and makes it invalid.
#TanyaYomi 9Shvat: Contractions & concealment of God’s Countenance is so powerful, that even unclean things, Kelipot & Sitra Achra created.
#EmunaYomi 705: Person does good deeds; receives positive verdict; soul immediately reacts to a positive verdict with optimism & happiness.


Thursday / 21-Jan-21 / 8 Shvat 5781                                  #1496
#ParshaYomi #Bo 5: Moshe instructs elders for Pesach night (sacrifice, bloody doorposts, stay indoors, will protect from death). Jews obey.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 11:1 A house has been split into two: If there is uncleanness in the outer part, vessels in the inner part remain clean.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 61: If one slaughtered the Pesah before midday it’s disqualified, as verse states: “shall slaughter it in the afternoon.”
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 18:1 Nights moon won’t be sighted ‘cuz of clouds; valley; mountain to west. On mountain or on sea, can see even small.
#HalachaYomi OC 32:19 At the beginning of writing he should say out loud “I am writing for the sake of the sanctity of Tefillin.”
#TanyaYomi 8Shvat: God’s speech & thought absolutely united w/ His essence & being, even after His speech materialized creation of worlds.
#EmunaYomi 704: There are 24 Heavenly Courts that judge a person every single hour of every single day.


Wednesday / 20-Jan-21 / 7 Shvat 5781                                  #1495
#ParshaYomi #Bo 4: Prediction of Death of 1stborn. Commands: 1st month. Pascual lamb. Blood on doorposts. Matza. No leavened bread 7 days.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 10:5 Hatchways less than 1 Tefah: Tumah in house, directly below hatchway Tahor; Tumah under hatchway, house Tahor.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 60: Slaughtered Pesah w/ intent for those who can’t eat it, didn’t register for it, uncircumcised or impure, it’s Pasul. 
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 17:24 Astronomy & geometry calculations from Greeks, now in hands of Sages. Wisdom of Yisachar tribe wasn’t transmitted.
#HalachaYomi OC 32:16 If one of the letters got cut off, if a child that’s neither a genius nor a simpleton knows how to read it it’s valid.
#TanyaYomi 7Shvat: Man’s speech apart from Man. God’s “speech” not separate, means Revealing. 10 of these emanations created the world.
#EmunaYomi 703: Happiness is simple. A person is happy when their soul is gratified; the soul is gratified when person performs God’s will.


Tuesday / 19-Jan-21 / 6 Shvat 5781                                  #1494
#ParshaYomi #Bo 3: Pharaoh says Jews can leave, but without cattle. Moshe insists. God says: 1 last plague & “borrow” stuff from Egyptians.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 10:4 Multiple hatchways 1 over other each w/ Tefah square opening, Tumah in house, what directly below hatchways Tahor.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 59: As long as the sacrificial parts of the sin-offering haven’t been burned on altar, the Kohens may not eat the meat.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 16:1 Part of moon’s orbit inclined north of sun’s orbit & part south. Intersect at 2 points. At north=head; south=tail.
#HalachaYomi OC 32:12 The parchment must be made from the skin of a kosher animal, domesticated or not, and even from a carcass or roadkill.
#TanyaYomi 6Shvat: When man utters word, it’s nothing compared to faculty of speech, more so to faculty of thought, & even more so to soul.
#EmunaYomi 702: Depression & holiness are mutually exclusive. For that reason, the evil inclination wants a person to be constantly sad.


Monday / 18-Jan-21 / 5 Shvat 5781                                  #1493
#ParshaYomi #Bo 2: Locust come, blot out the sky & consume everything. Pharaoh recants. Moshe removes. Then plague of Darkness for 3 days.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 10:1 Hatchway in house w/ opening of square Tefah, if there’s Tumah in house, what’s directly below the hatchway Tahor.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 58: No sacrifice to precede daily morning offering from “The burnt offering” = 1st offering, chronology & importance.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 15:2 Previous calculations to sight moon. 2x elongation can’t be < 5 degrees or > 62 degrees night of moon sighting.
#HalachaYomi OC 32:9 Tfilin parchment must be processed with gallnut juice or lime and must be processed w/ the designated purpose in mind.
#TanyaYomi 5Shvat: God was Alone, Single & Unique before He created existence & remains Alone, Single & Unique after He created existence.
#EmunaYomi 701: Without mental composure, one won’t be able to attain Emuna & make Tshuva. Sad & depressed person is like prisoner of war.


Sunday / 17-Jan-21 / 4 Shvat 5781                                  #1492
#ParshaYomi #Bo 1: Moshe to Pharaoh: Give in, let my people go worship God, or locust will come & eat everything left over from the hail.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 9:15 Coffin broad below, narrow above, w/ corpse in it: if touches it below remains Tahor; but above becomes Tamei.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 57: Fussy KohenGadol wouldn’t get hands dirty. King & queen had debate. He replied improperly w/ hand. Hands cut off.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 14:1 Moon has 2 mean rates of progress: small orbit not around Earth, within larger orbit around Earth.
#HalachaYomi OC 32:7 Received Tradition going back to Moshe that Tfilin are written on Klaf layer on flesh side; any variation is invalid.
#TanyaYomi 4Shvat: Wicked under control of heart, yet when faith in God tested, which is rooted in heights of holiness, the Kelipot vanish.
#EmunaYomi 700: The only way to make Tshuva (repentance) is by being happy. A sad & depressed person has no control of thought processes.


Shabbat / 16-Jan-21 / 3 Shvat 5781                                  #1491
#ParshaYomi #Vaera 7: Moshe warns of Hail. Egyptians that believed him put servants & animals indoor & spared. Hail mixed with fire falls.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 9:13: Hive on its bottom & still a vessel, Tumah below it, within it or above it, the Tumah cleaves upwards & downwards.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 56: Jacob to reveal End of Days, God’s presence left, Jacob worried some son unfit, sons said Shma, he said Baruh Shem.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 13:1 To know sun’s true position on any day, calculate mean position & apogee, subtract apogee from mean = sun’s course.
#HalachaYomi OC 32:4 No letter of the Tfilin may touch another; rather each letter must be completely surrounded by parchment.
#TanyaYomi 3Shvat: The love of the divine soul, whose desire is to unite with God, the fountainhead of all life, is called “hidden love.”
#EmunaYomi 699: God wants each of us to make the first step in bettering ourselves. Once we make the effort, He comes to our assistance.


Friday / 15-Jan-21 / 2 Shvat 5781                                  #1490
#ParshaYomi #Vaera 6: Pharaoh & Moshe negotiate. Moshe asks to sacrifice to God. Pharaoh’s heart hardened. Plagues of Pestilence, Boils. 
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 9:11 Hive on its side in open air, Kzayit of corpse below or above it, all directly below or above the Kzayit is Tamei.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 55: Not working on 9Av in place where people work not presumptuous. See how many idle people there are in the marketplace.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 12:1 Mean distance sun travels in 1 day: 59 minutes, 8 seconds (59′ 8″); in 10 days: 9 degrees, 51 minutes, 21 seconds.
#HalachaYomi OC 32:2 Head Tfilin: each Parsha should be written on own parchment. Arm Tfilin: all 4 Parshas on single piece of parchment.
#TanyaYomi 2Shvat: “Candle of God is soul of man.” Like flame wants to rise from wick, soul wants to leave body, unite w/ God, be nullified.
#EmunaYomi 698: God knows exactly who each of us is, and what we’re capable of accomplishing in this world.


Thursday / 14-Jan-21 / 1 Shvat 5781                                  #1489
#ParshaYomi #Vaera 5: Lice: Pharaoh’s magicians admit “finger of God”; “Arov”: plague of wild animals. All plagues only affect Egyptians.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 9:9 Hive entirely in house, not Tefah space between it & roof, Tumah in hive, house Tamei; Tumah in house, hive Tahor.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 54: Hidden: death day; solace day; justices depth; other’s thoughts; sales success; return David’s rule; end wicked rule.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 11:7 The heavenly sphere divided into 360 degrees, 12 constellations. Constellation=30 degrees, degree=60 minutes, etc.
#HalachaYomi OC 31:1 Forbidden to wear Tfilin on Shabat or YomTov since they’re a sign. If one wears an extra sign, disgrace to their sign.
#TanyaYomi 1Shvat: Chochma(wisdom) source of intelligence/comprehension above Bina(understanding) intellectual understanding/comprehension.
#EmunaYomi 697: “God doesn’t complain about His creations.” It means that God doesn’t make demands that a person is incapable of fulfilling.


Wednesday / 13-Jan-21 / 29 Tevet 5781                                  #1488
#ParshaYomi #Vaera 4: Aaron turns staff to crocodile. Pharaoh’s mages’ staff also transform. Aaron’s eats mages’. Plague of Blood & Frogs.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 9:7 What is considered “stuck” (Afutza)? Anything which has no opening of one handbreadth (Tefah).
#DafYomi #Pesahim 53: Good sign for mountains when gallnut oaks grow there; for valleys, palm trees; streams, reeds; plain, sycamore tree.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 10:1 Sages that say solar year < 365.25 days say its 365 days, 5 hours, 997 units & 48 moments. Moment = 1/76 of unit.
#HalachaYomi OC 30:1 Time to put Tfilin on in the morning from when one can see his close friend from four cubits away and recognize him.
#TanyaYomi 29Tevet: “Very close,” even person w/ limited understanding of God, His greatness, can still easily observe Mitzvot, study Torah.
#EmunaYomi 696: God’s mercy & loving-kindness are infinite, & are at your disposal constantly, especially at life’s most challenging times.


Tuesday / 12-Jan-21 / 28 Tevet 5781                                  #1487
#ParshaYomi #Vaera 3: God warns Moshe: will harden Pharaoh’s heart & not let Israelites go. Moshe 80 & Aaron 83 yrs old when meet Pharaoh.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 9:6 Beehive facing into house, 1 Tefah off ground, if there’s Tumah below it or in the house or above it, all Tamei.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 52: Sages impose upon one stringencies of both the place from which he left & stringencies of the place to which he went.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 9:3 Nisan equinox when sun enters Aries. Tamuz solstice, Cancer; Tishrei equinox, Libra; Tevet solstice, Capricorn.
#HalachaYomi OC 28:3 The custom of scholars is to kiss their Tefillin when putting them on and taking them off.
#TanyaYomi 28Tevet: For the wicked to repent, they have to shatter the Kelipot, an iron partition between them and God, with broken spirit.
#EmunaYomi 695: God created you in order to shower His mercy & lovingkindness on you, more than you can ever imagine.


Monday / 11-Jan-21 / 27 Tevet 5781                                  #1486
#ParshaYomi #Vaera 2: Sons of Ruben & Shimon listed. More descendants of Levi listed, up to Moses, Aaron, his 4 children & grandson Pinhas. 
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 9:3 If the uncleanness is within the beehive nothing becomes unclean except that which is within the beehive.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 51: If matters are permitted but others are accustomed to treat them as a prohibition, can’t permit in their presence.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 8:2 Lunar months set by days: 29 days, Lacking, several hours shorter than real lunar month; 30 days, Full, more hours.
#HalachaYomi OC 27:11 The black side of the Retzuot (Tfilin straps) must face outwards. This applies to the Shel Yad and Shel Rosh. 
#TanyaYomi 27Tevet: “The thing is very close to you, in your mouth & heart to do.” Counter-intuitive; hard to change. Easy if control brain.
#EmunaYomi 694: Don’t forget that God loves you always. He’s always ready to help you.


Sunday / 10-Jan-21 / 26 Tevet 5781                                  #1485
#ParshaYomi #Vaera 1: God to Moshe: Promises to uphold covenant of Patriarchs. Will free Israelites from slavery & bring them to Canaan.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 9:1 Beehive in doorway w/ mouth outside: If Kzayit of corpse under hive part that outside house, below & above it Tamei.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 50: If works Shabat or Chag eve, from Minha; or Motzai Shabat or Chag, will never see signs of blessing from that work.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 7:1 Rosh Hodesh Tishrei is never set on Sunday, Wednesday or Friday. If Molad falls on those days, set for next day.
#HalachaYomi OC 27:9 Correct placement of Tfilin shel rosh is from hairline by the forehead until the end of the soft spot of a baby’s head.
#TanyaYomi 26Tevet: “God unites good thought to the deed.” Different meaning than “Intended to do Mitzva & prevented, counts as if did it.”
#EmunaYomi 693: Even if you’ve done the worst thing imaginable, God doesn’t want you poking around in the muck and mire of the past.


Shabbat / 9-Jan-21 / 25 Tevet 5781                                  #1484
#ParshaYomi #Shmot 7: Moshe & Aaron to Pharaoh: Let my people go celebrate to our God in the desert. Pharaoh: No. Give them more work.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 8:5 These don’t transmit or block Tumah: hail, snow, frost, ice, salt, anything that hops from one place to another.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 49: Be willing to sell all has in order to marry Torah scholar’s daughter. If he dies, sons will still be Torah scholars.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 6:2 Day & night are 24 hours. Hour divided into 1,080 Halakim. Divisible by 2, 4, 8, 3, 6, 9, 5, 10.
#HalachaYomi OC 27:6 Lefty who does all his work w/ his left hand puts his Tefilin on his “left hand” which is the right hand of all people.
#TanyaYomi 25Tevet: Directs desire to Divine Torah; studies day, night; does Mitzvot: gets intelligence, vitality & “wings” to soar on high.
#EmunaYomi 692: Remember, God knows you intimately. He knows that you have an evil inclination and that you need His help to overcome it.


Friday / 8-Jan-21 / 24 Tevet 5781                                  #1483
#ParshaYomi #Shmot 6: Moshe heads to Egypt. Strange event at hotel. Moshe & Aaron meet by Mountain of God. Then gather elders of Israel.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 8:4 These block Tumah but don’t transmit: A loom with woof spread out, ropes of a bed, waste baskets, window-lattices.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 48: Hoiyl: SINCE any part of dough could’ve been eaten if other part designated Hala, can bake bread w/o separating Hala.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 5:3 When did all of Israel start to calculate calendar? End of Talmud sages, Israel destroyed, no permanent Bet Din.
#HalachaYomi OC 27:2 Correct custom is that “Yud” of the Shel yad knot is pointed to the heart, whereaas the Tefillin faces the outer side.
#TanyaYomi 24Tevet: Difference between 1 who is serving God & 1 who isn’t, is if he goes beyond his customary nature. Arouses love of God.
#EmunaYomi 691: Thanking God for our setbacks & shortcomings is a true indication of Emuna & a springboard to prayer & personal improvement.


Thursday / 7-Jan-21 / 23 Tevet 5781                                  #1482
#ParshaYomi #Shmot 5: Moshe resists appointment. God turns staff to snake, makes hand leprous & cures. Says bro Aaron will speak for Moshe.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 8:1 Some items transmit Tumah & block it; some transmit, don’t block; block, don’t transmit; don’t transmit or block.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 47: 1 act violates 8 Lahvim: Nazir Kohen plows Tamei vineyard w/ consecrated ox & donkey for food crop on Chag in Shmita.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 4:2 Court adds month to year ‘cuz of 3 signs: Tkufa; spring; fruits. If Tkufa of Nisan will be on 16Nisan or later, add.
#HalachaYomi OC 25:13 On Rosh Hodesh, we remove the Tefillin before Musaf.
#TanyaYomi 23Tevet: Difference between one serving God (Oved) vs Tzadik: Oved in present struggle. Tzadik=Eved, won war vs evil in him.
#EmunaYomi 690: Can’t truly repent ’til build enough Emuna to thank God for our shortcomings. Living without Emuna means living without God.


Wednesday / 6-Jan-21 / 22 Tevet 5781                                  #1481
#ParshaYomi #Shmot 4: God reveals Himself to Moshe at burning bush & appoints him to speak to Pharaoh & release Israel from bondage.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 7:6 If embryo threatens mother’s life during childbirth, can abort embryo. Once most of baby out of womb, can’t abort.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 46: Must search for water to wash hands before eating or prayer, for time it takes to walk 4 Mil in direction that going.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 3:1 Witnesses saw the new moon: if distance of night & day or less between them & Bet Din, go testify. If further, no.
#HalachaYomi OC 25:10 While placing Tfilin don’t say prayer responses, even Kadish, Kdusha; be quiet, listen, have in mind what rest saying.
#TanyaYomi 22Tevet: Embryo accepts oath before born “Be righteous, not wicked!” Seems redundant. Means that we all have free will.
#EmunaYomi 689: God doesn’t ask us to be perfect. Wants us to use failures as way to evaluate selves & as catalyst for self-improvement.


Tuesday / 5-Jan-21 / 21 Tevet 5781                                  #1480
#ParshaYomi #Shmot 3: Moshe grows up. Kills Egyptian. Escapes Egypt to Midian. Saves Yitro’s girls. Marries Zipora. God hears cry of Israel.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 7:3 Corpse in house with many doors, all doors become unclean. If one door was opened, only that one becomes unclean.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 45: Principle: food that becomes impure remains ritually impure until it is rendered unfit to be consumed by a dog.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 2:4 Bet Din calculate as astronomers do to know exactly when, where & how new moon will appear. Test truth of witnesses.
#HalachaYomi OC 25:8 All blessings for Mitzvot said before doing Mitzva. Put tefillin on biceps, then say blessing & immediately tighten it.
#TanyaYomi 21Tevet: Everyone can strive & reach rank of Benoni. At any time or hour can be Benoni. Can reject evil in deed/speech/thought.
#EmunaYomi 688: If arrogance doesn’t allow one to acknowledge & accept own shortcomings, will never see the truth.


Monday / 4-Jan-21 / 20 Tevet 5781                                  #1479
#ParshaYomi #Shmot 2: Pharaoh: Kill all newborn Hebrew boys. Moshe born. Placed on Nile. Pharaoh’s daughter finds & adopts. Mother nurses.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 7:1 Uncleanness in a wall, in a space of 1 cubic Tefah, all upper stories above it, even if there are ten, are unclean.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 44: Vessels taken from gentiles prohibited until they are purged, even though the taste they contribute taints the food.
#RambamYomi #Hodesh 1:2 Difference between 1 solar & lunar year ~11 days. When difference ~30 days, add 1 month to year; called Meuberet.
#HalachaYomi OC 25:4 A man must be wearing his Tefilin during the Shema and Amidah.
#TanyaYomi 20Tevet: Benoni’s prayer not like Tzadik’s who serve in perfect truth, but considered perfect service at their level of truth.
#EmunaYomi 687: If don’t reconcile w/ human frailties, that setbacks are necessary for personal & spiritual growth, will continue to fail.


Sunday / 3-Jan-21 / 19 Tevet 5781                                  #1478
#ParshaYomi #Shmot 1: Joseph’s generation died. Sons of Israel multiplied. New king of Egypt doesn’t know Joseph. Egypt enslaves Israelites.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 6:7 Vessels beneath the flowerlike top of a pillar remain clean. Rabbi Yohanan ben Nuri declares them unclean.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 43: Girls who removed body hair for cosmetic purposes: poor girls used lime; rich used fine flour; royalty, Ha’mor oil.
#RambamYomi #Shkalim 4:1 Shekel funds used for: public sacrifices, libations, salt, wood, incense, showbread, red heifer, Azazel goat, +.
#HalachaYomi OC 25:1 After putting on a Tallit with Tzitzit put on Tefillin because we do Mitzvot in ascending order of holiness.
#TanyaYomi 19Tevet: Evil in Benoni dormant in left part during Shma & Amida when heart aglow w/ love of God, but later it can wake again.
#EmunaYomi 686: Setbacks keep us from becoming arrogant, encourage to increase prayers in quality & quantity. Silver lining of dark cloud.


Shabbat / 2-Jan-21 / 18 Tevet 5781                                  #1477
#ParshaYomi #Vayehi 7: Joseph lived 110 yrs. Saw great-grandchildren born. Foresaw Exodus. Died, embalmed & put in coffin.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 6:4 Wall between two houses & uncleanness in the wall, only the house nearer to the uncleanness is unclean.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 42: Woman shouldn’t interrupt her Matza baking, until finishes forming all the loaves from the dough, so shouldn’t leaven.
#RambamYomi #Shkalim 3:8 Lost 1/2 Shekel, responsible for it until give to treasurer. City sent w/ messenger & stolen or lost, give again.
#HalachaYomi OC 24:6 One who is careful in the Mitzvah of Tzitzit is meritorious and sees the face of the divine presence.
#TanyaYomi 18Tevet: Evil nature states opinion in heart’s left part, ascends to brain for consideration; challenged by divine soul in brain.
#EmunaYomi 685: Sages say person doesn’t thoroughly understand a law of Torah until stumbles on that very law. Can learn much from setback.


Friday / 1-Jan-21 / 17 Tevet 5781                                  #1476
#ParshaYomi #Vayehi 6: Benjamin blessed. Jacob dies. Embalmed. Egypt mourns 70 days. Sons bury him in Hebron. Brothers afraid of Joseph.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 6:2 Corpse-bearers walking by portico, shut & locked door, if door stays locked, house contents remain clean.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 41: Abaye said: One does not receive lashes for a prohibition stated in general terms. [Ein lokin al lav she’bichlalot].
#RambamYomi #Shkalim 2:9 Shkalim set aside to buy sacrifices serve as atonement for entire Jewish people. Includes now & future collection.
#HalachaYomi OC 24:1 It’s good & proper to be cautious to wear Tzitzit every day, in order to remember the Mitzvot at every moment.
#TanyaYomi 17Tevet: Prayer’s effect on intellect, innate fear, love of God enable triumph over evil of cravings & from carrying out desires.
#EmunaYomi 684: When person uses misdeeds to see how far away he is from God, misdeeds serve as catalyst for repentance; become merits.


Thursday / 31-Dec-20 / 16 Tevet 5781                                  #1475
#ParshaYomi #Vayehi 5: Jacob continues to bless sons: Gad, Asher & Naftali. Gives a particularly long & moving blessing to Joseph.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 6:1 Persons & vessels can form ‘tents’ (Ohel) to bring uncleanness, but not protect objects so that they remain clean.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 40: Can fill stomach Pesah night w/ unguarded Matza, as long as eat Kzayit of guarded Matza at end, to fulfill obligation.
#RambamYomi #Shkalim 1:5 Give 1/2 Shekel from 1/2 coin of current currency; at least same value as 160 barley grains of silver. (~$5 today).
#HalachaYomi OC 23:1 Can enter cemetery wearing Tzitzit. Forbidden only if fringes are visible, but if they are covered, it’s permitted.
#TanyaYomi 16Tevet: Benoni: no plans to violate sins, just thinks about it. Man not safe from 3 sins: thoughts; distracted prayer; gossip.
#EmunaYomi 683: Person who thanks God for his failures & setbacks is immune from sadness, depression & despair. Knows that it’s for best.


Wednesday / 30-Dec-20 / 15 Tevet 5781                                  #1474
#ParshaYomi #Vayehi 4: Jacob on deathbed. Parting words to sons. Harsh to Reuven, Shimon, Levi. Positive to Judah, Isachar, Zevulun & Dan.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 5:5 If lying over the hatch were vessels made of dung, stone, or unbaked earth, everything in upper story remains clean.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 39: Why are the Egyptians likened to bitter herbs? Just as bitter herbs soft at first & harsh in end, so too, Egyptians.
#RambamYomi #Shofar+ 8:8 Only do Lulav Mitzva w/ own 1st day of Sukot. Give to friend, must be as gift. Can be conditionally. Not w/ kids.
#HalachaYomi OC 21:3 Can enter a bathroom with Tzitzit. Ram”a: Can also sleep in them. Some write that custom not to sleep with Tzitzit on.
#TanyaYomi 15Tevet: Man created w/ willpower to restrain self, lust in heart. Can prevent expression of heart’s desires, direct to holiness.
#EmunaYomi 682: Knowing that our setbacks are for our ultimate benefit, can thank God for the seemingly bad as thanks Him for good.


Tuesday / 29-Dec-20 / 14 Tevet 5781                                  #1473
#ParshaYomi #Vayehi 3: Joseph unhappy with Jacob’s mixing order of sons. Jacob reassures: Menashe will be great, but Efraim will be greater.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 5:4 A flagon that is full of pure liquid, the flagon is defiled with seven days’ impurity but the liquid remains clean.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 38: Matza made from 2nd tithe: R’ Meir: consecrated property, can’t fulfill obligation 1st night Pesah. Sages: it’s ok.
#RambamYomi #Shofar+ 7:2 Sukot species: “fruit of beautiful tree” = Etrog. “Boughs of covered trees” = Hadas (myrtle), 3+ leaves/ring.
#HalachaYomi OC 20:2 Can’t sell a Tallit with Tzitzit on it to a non-Jew because maybe he will wear it, pretending to be a Jew.
#TanyaYomi 14Tevet: Intermediate man=Benoni=evil never gets enough power to capture “small city” to make it sin. Animal vs divine soul tied.
#EmunaYomi 681: Invest plenty of time, effort in praying that God guide you in right direction; more one prays, greater chances of success.


Monday / 28-Dec-20 / 13 Tevet 5781                                  #1472
#ParshaYomi #Vayehi 2: Jacob blesses Joseph’s sons Menashe & Efraim. Crosses hands. Gives precedence & puts right hand on younger Efraim.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 5:1 Corpse overhangs oven w/ outlet curved out of home: B’ Shamai: All Tamei. B’ Hilel: oven Tamei. R’ Akiva: all Tahor.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 37: B’ Hilel permits baking thick Matza. R’ Huna: How thick? 1 Tefah. Like shewbread, can’t be leavened, was Tefah thick.
#RambamYomi #Shofar+ 6:5 Eat, drink, live in Suka 7 days & nights like in home. Consider house temporary and Suka permanent.
#HalachaYomi OC 20:1 If buys a Tallit w/ Tzitzit on it from a Jew or from a non-Jewish merchant (who says bought from Jew & believed) valid.
#TanyaYomi 13Tevet: Type of person, rare occasion evil prevails over good, becomes evil’s subject. Then good asserts self, remorse, repents.
#EmunaYomi 680: When faced with making a choice, don’t even think of God’s omniscience. Make best choice that can. Do right; draw on Torah.


Sunday / 27-Dec-20 / 12 Tevet 5781                                  #1471
#ParshaYomi #Vayehi 1: Jacob lives to 147 yrs. Makes Joseph promise that will bury him in Hebron in family grave, Maarat Hamahpela.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 4:2 Drawer Tefah size, outlet not Tefah: Tumah in it, house Tamei. Tumah in house, drawer Tahor. Tumah’s nature to exit.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 36: Leḥem Oni means bread over which many matters are recited [onin], allusion to Seder, where recite Hagada & eat Matza.
#RambamYomi #Shofar+ 5:1 Suka S’chach: material that grows from ground, detached. Doesn’t: become ritually impure, have odor or falls apart.
#HalachaYomi OC 18:1 Rosh: garment for night exempt from Tzitzit even if worn in day; meant for day & night, required even if worn at night.
#TanyaYomi 12Tevet: Completely righteous=men of ascent=convert evil, make it ascend to holiness. Have you converted darkness into light?
#EmunaYomi 679: Belief in God’s omniscience, after the fact, saves us from cunning evil inclinations of arrogance & self-persecution.


Shabbat / 26-Dec-20 / 11 Tevet 5781                                  #1470
#ParshaYomi #Vayigash 7: Jacob’s clan get best land in Egypt. Due to famine Egyptians sell livestock, fields & selves as slaves to Pharaoh.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 3:7 An object one Tefah (handbreadth) square and one Tefah high conveys uncleanness and blocks uncleanness.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 35: With flour that can be leavened (but don’t let leaven) fulfills mitzva of Matza. With items that can’t leaven, don’t.
#RambamYomi #Shofar+ 4:1 Suka measurements: Height: >10 Tefah, <20 Amot. Area: >7×7 Tefah, no upper limit. Off even by a bit, invalid.
#HalachaYomi OC 17:3 A child who knows enough to wrap in Tzitzit must be taught by his father to wear them as part of his education.
#TanyaYomi 11Tevet: Expels evil from soul, but fragment of wickedness lingers=righteous man who suffers. Evil subjugated, nullified by good.
#EmunaYomi 678: When speaking about free choice, best to put the notion of God’s omniscience aside. Two different resources. Don’t mix.


Friday / 25-Dec-20 / 10 Tevet 5781                                  #1469
#ParshaYomi #Vayigash 6: Emotional reunion of Jacob & Joseph. Joseph presents 5 of his brothers to Pharaoh. Jacob meets and blesses Pharaoh.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 3:5 Mixed blood (Tam Tvusa): R’ Akiva: Blood of corpse which 1/8 of a Log came out during lifetime & 1/8 after death.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 34: Rabbi Yirmeya said: Foolish Babylonians! Because you dwell in a dark land, you state Halakhot (laws) that are dim.
#RambamYomi #Shofar+ 3:3 Shofar blast order: bless; Tekiah/Shvarim/Truah/Tekiah x3; Tekiah/Shvarim/Tekiah x3; Tekiah/Truah/Tekiah x3.
#HalachaYomi OC 16:1 Garment that needs Tzitzit size that covers, length, width, head & most of body of child that can go out unaccompanied.
#TanyaYomi 10Tevet: Body like small city, w/ 2 souls battling for domination: Divine vs vitalizing animal soul. Each wants complete control.
#EmunaYomi 677: Must recognize that there are spiritual laws that govern universe that transcend human understanding. Then Emuna kicks in.


Thursday / 24-Dec-20 / 9 Tevet 5781                                  #1468
#ParshaYomi #Vayigash 5: Jacob & descendants that go to Egypt listed. Joseph & sons added to the count. Total of 70 souls that reach Egypt.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 3:3 Every part of a corpse is unclean except the teeth, hair, and nails; but if joined to corpse, they are all unclean.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 33: R’ Ḥisda: Liquids are absorbed in fruit, considered part of grape itself; since flesh of grape got impure, liquid too.
#RambamYomi #Shofar+ 2:1 These must hear Shofar’s sound: Kohens, Levites, Israelites, converts, freed slaves. Women, slaves, minors, exempt.
#HalachaYomi OC 15:2 Can’t take garment corner with Tzitzit & sew it onto another garment because was not on the garment when it was made.
#TanyaYomi 9Tevet: Animal soul from left ventricle, filled w/ blood goes to body, brain. Divine soul in brain goes to body, right ventricle.
#EmunaYomi 676: Human intellect incapable of fully comprehending notion of omniscience/free will. If did grasp, would no longer be a person.


Wednesday / 23-Dec-20 / 8 Tevet 5781                                  #1467
#ParshaYomi #Vayigash 4: Jacob & family travel to Egypt. Stop in Ber Sheva. Bring sacrifice. God comes to Jacob in vision & says don’t fear.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 3:2 If a ladleful of corpse-mold was scattered about in a house, the house is unclean, but R’ Shimon declares it clean.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 32: Consumed forbidden Truma, value went up, does he pay back according to volume that had or monetary value of what had?
#RambamYomi #Shofar+ 1:1 Positive biblical command to hear sounding of Shofar on Rosh Hashana. Shofar must be ram’s horn, nothing else.
#HalachaYomi OC 14:4 Forbidden to learn from holy books of his friend w/o his knowledge; concerned will tear pages while learning from them.
#TanyaYomi 8Tevet: Idle chatter, soul cleansed by “hollow of sling.” Forbidden speech, goes to Purgatory. Torah neglect, Snow Purgatory.
#EmunaYomi 675: Even though God KNOWS what we’re going to choose, He doesn’t FORCE us to make a particular choice. We have free will.


Tuesday / 22-Dec-20 / 7 Tevet 5781                                  #1466
#ParshaYomi #Vayigash 3: Joseph consoles brothers for selling him. Sends them to Canaan to inform Jacob that alive & bring family to Egypt.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 2:7 A bone the size of a barley-corn that is divided into two: R’ Akiva: unclean. R’ Yohanan ben Nuri: clean.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 31: Gentile lent Jew $, got Hametz as collateral on Pesah, after Pesah gentile got it in lieu of payment, Jew can benefit.
#RambamYomi #HametzUmatza #NusachHahagada: Entire text of the Maggid portion of the Haggada as is said since destruction of the Temple.
#HalachaYomi OC 14:1 Tzitzit that are made by a Gentile are unfit. A Jewish woman may make tzitzit. Ram”a: better for man to make his own.
#TanyaYomi 7Tevet: Body undergoes “Purgatory of the grave” to purify uncleanliness from enjoyment of mundane pleasures from kelipat nogah.
#EmunaYomi 674: BEFORE the fact, do best to make the best choice. AFTER the fact, believe that it’s God’s will and that all for the best.


Monday / 21-Dec-20 / 6 Tevet 5781                                  #1465
#ParshaYomi #Vayigash 2: Judah offers to be a slave in Benjamin’s place. Joseph overcome with emotion reveals himself as their lost brother.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 2:4 The covering stone and the buttressing stone of a grave defile by Magah and Ohel but not by Masah.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 30: Forbidden to knead dough with milk, and if he did knead the dough with milk, then all of the bread is prohibited.
#RambamYomi #HametzUmatza 8:7 In Temple would bless (on Zevah) & eat from Hagiga offering (of 14th), then bless & eat from Pesah sacrifice.
#HalachaYomi OC 13:1 Essential need to have valid Tzitzit on all 4 corners: one missing invalidates the whole; not valid Tzitzit at all.
#TanyaYomi 6Tevet: Wasteful emission of semen big sin; begets many unclean kelipot, unless repents w/ great love & transforms into merits.
#EmunaYomi 673: Have apparent free choice BEFORE choose; AFTER choice, must know that did so because God wanted us to do so.


Sunday / 20-Dec-20 / 5 Tevet 5781                                  #1464
#ParshaYomi #Vayigash 1: Judah confronts Joseph. Recounts recent history & how Benjamin’s absence will kill father Jacob.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 2:3 These defile by Magah & Masah but not by Ohel: bone of barleycorn size; earth from abroad; Bet Peras; severed limb.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 29: One who desecrates Shabat intentionally by damaging fellow’s property, liable to death penalty & exempt from payment.
#RambamYomi #HametzUmatza 7:1 Biblical command to relate miracles that occurred to our ancestors on night of 15 Nisan. Even if great sage.
#HalachaYomi OC 12:1 If all strings on the corner have torn, but enough remains to tie all of the torn strings together, then still kosher.
#TanyaYomi 5Tevet: Glutton, leads to lust, energy of wine & meat absorbed into 3 evil kelipot until repents. Trace of evil remains in body.
#EmunaYomi 672: Strong desire to make right choice; Emuna that God will help make right choice; Learn, seek Torah & Tzadik advice; Pray.


Shabbat / 19-Dec-20 / 4 Tevet 5781                                  #1463
#ParshaYomi #Miketz 7: Joseph frames Benjamin as thief. Brothers brought back to Joseph in Egypt where Benjamin sentenced to slavery.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 1:8 There are 248 limbs in the body: 101 on each side of body + spine 18, head 9, neck 8, heart 6, genital area 5.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 28: Rava: He who made the arrows shall be killed with his own arrows; he is repaid through his own handiwork.
#RambamYomi #HametzUmatza 6:1 Biblical command to eat Matza night of 15 Nisan. Applies every place & time. Can be eaten whole night.
#HalachaYomi OC 11:14 You should take 4 threads on one side and 4 threads on the other side and tie them two times, making a double knot.
#TanyaYomi 4Tevet: KelipatNogah=intermediate category between 3 totally unclean kelipot & order of Holiness. Neutral things can be elevated.
#EmunaYomi 671: The evil inclination is a master strategist. Will use different approaches for different people.


Friday / 18-Dec-20 / 3 Tevet 5781                                  #1462
#ParshaYomi #Miketz 6: Brothers bring Benjamin to Egypt to Joseph. Joseph throws feasts for the brothers.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 1:6 A person does not defile as a corpse until he dies.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 27: All forbidden items that must burn, can use ashes after burning, except an Asheira. Consecrated ash always forbidden.
#RambamYomi #HametzUmatza 5:1 Hametz is only 5 grains: wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt. Kitniyot: rice, millet, beans, lentils, not Hametz.
#HalachaYomi OC 11:12 The number of Tzitzit threads on all corners is 4 strings folded over, which is 8. If more were added they’re invalid.
#TanyaYomi 3Tevet: Those that don’t surrender selves to God sustained “behind back” through contractions, diminished Light & Life, exile.
#EmunaYomi 670: As long as a person constantly reinforces his Emuna, the evil inclination has no control over him. This is true freedom.


Thursday / 17-Dec-20 / 2 Tevet 5781                                  #1461
#ParshaYomi #Miketz 5: Unrecognized Joseph accuses brothers of spying. Only way to prove themselves is to bring Benjamin down to Egypt.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 1:4 Persons & vessels can be defiled thru a corpse. A greater stringency applies to persons than to vessels & viceversa.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 26: RYbZ sat in shade of Sanctuary. How can he benefit from walls? Was built for inside, can benefit from shade outside.
#RambamYomi #HametzUmatza 4:5 Jew can give Hametz to non-Jew as collateral & say: If I don’t bring $ between now & such date, Hametz yours.
#HalachaYomi OC 11:8 One who bows in worship to an animal, its wool is invalid for Tzitzit.
#TanyaYomi 2Tevet: God created 1 thing vs other. 10 holy Sfirot vs 10 crowns of impurity. If think/talk/act on unclean things, ruins spirit.
#EmunaYomi 669: Evil inclination’s objective is to contaminate soul w/ doubt & heresy. When Emuna weak, becomes slave to evil inclination.


Wednesday / 16-Dec-20 / 1 Tevet 5781                                  #1460
#ParshaYomi #Miketz 4: Famine begins. Joseph distributes food. Brothers come to Egypt to buy, but don’t recognize Joseph. Charade begins.
#MishnaYomi #Ohalot 1:2 Vessels touching a corpse & other vessels touching these vessels are defiled with 7 days’ defilement.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 25: May heal w/ any substance from which can’t derive benefit, except for idolatry, forbidden sexual relations, or murder.
#RambamYomi #HametzUmatza 3:11 How does one destroy Hametz? Burn it; crumble & toss to wind; throw into sea. If covered by >3 Tefah of dirt.
#HalachaYomi OC 11:4 The length of the 8 strings of Tzitzit shouldn’t be less than 4 thumb-widths; there are those that say 12 thumb-widths.
#TanyaYomi 1Tevet: Superiority of knowing & comprehending Torah, more than doing. Torah like “food” & “garments”, Mitzvot just “garments”.
#EmunaYomi 668: Some punish selves or become totally disappointed when do something wrong. That’s self-destructive. Accomplishes nothing.


Tuesday / 15-Dec-20 / 29 Kislev 5781                                  #1459
#ParshaYomi #Miketz 3: Joseph appointed Viceroy. In charge of all Egypt. Gathers “uncountable” amount of grain. Married and 2 sons born.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 30:4 A glass funnel is clean. R’ Yosi: Happy are you Kelim; for you began with uncleanness, but you ended with cleanness.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 24: If one ate a small water creature, he is flogged for the prohibition with 4 sets of lashes; an ant, 5; a hornet, 6.
#RambamYomi #HametzUmatza 2:19 Has voyage <30 days before Pesah, must search for Hametz before goes; also if >30 & returning before Pesah.
#HalachaYomi OC 11:2 Tzitzit spun by non-Jew, Jew stands behind him & tells him to make the strings for Tzitzit, Rambam: not ok. Rosh: Ok.
#TanyaYomi 29Kislev: Can only apprehend God when clothed in Torah & Mitzvot, 1 & the same. Like embracing a king in his robes; king in robe.
#EmunaYomi 667: Main way to overcome evil inclination is to pray to God, ask for His help & guidance to avoid sin & make right choices.


Monday / 14-Dec-20 / 28 Kislev 5781                                  #1458
#ParshaYomi #Miketz 2: Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams: mean 7 yrs of plenty followed by 7 yrs of famine. Gives advice how to save Egypt.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 30:2 A mirror is pure. Tray that was made into a mirror still susceptible, but if originally made as a mirror it’s pure.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 23: Torah prohibitions, just as can’t eat, can’t benefit from them: Hametz on Pesach and an ox that was stoned to death.
#RambamYomi #HametzUmatza 1:1 If purposely ate olive size of Hametz on Pesah, from night of 15 Nisan until end of 21 Nisan, liable to Karet.
#HalachaYomi OC 10:10 Turban is exempt from Tzitzit, even if covers one’s head and majority of body, because main purpose is to cover head.
#TanyaYomi 28Kislev: 3 garments deriving from Torah & commandments infinitely higher & greater quality than nefesh/ruach/neshama themselves.
#EmunaYomi 666: After become aware that have evil inclination, 2nd principal that need to know is that can’t overcome it without God’s help.


Sunday / 13-Dec-20 / 27 Kislev 5781                                  #1457
#ParshaYomi #Miketz 1: 2 yrs pass. Dreams trouble Pharaoh. No one successfully interprets. Wine steward suggests Joseph. Summoned from jail.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 30:1 Glass vessels: those that are flat are pure and those that have receptacles are susceptible.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 22: Word “et” wasn’t explained until R’ Akiva: “You shall be in awe of [et] the Lord your God”: to include Torah scholars.
#RambamYomi #YomTov 8:17 Work forbidden before Chag, like on Friday afternoons. If works during this time will never see blessing from it.
#HalachaYomi OC 10:7 Garment open from sides down, has 4 corners on lower part but upper part closed: if mostly closed, exempt from Tzitzit.
#TanyaYomi 27Kislev: Each divine soul (nefesh elokit) has 3 garments: thought, speech & action, that can be expressed in 613 Torah commands.
#EmunaYomi 665: By striving against fierce resistance, we make formidable spiritual gain and refine our souls.


Shabbat / 12-Dec-20 / 26 Kislev 5781                                  #1456
#ParshaYomi #Vayeshev 7: Pharaoh’s wine steward & baker thrown in jail with Joseph. He interprets their dreams. They come true. 
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 29:6 Cord of the balances of wool dealers or of glass-weighers is regarded as connected up to a length of two Tefah.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 21: While allowed Hametz, feed it to animals, sell to gentile, get benefit from it. Once forbidden, can’t get any benefit.
#RambamYomi #YomTov 7:16 Don’t marry or do Yibum on Chol Hamoed, so joy of Chag not obscured by joy of marriage. Can betroth w/o a party.
#HalachaYomi OC 10:4 Talit made of cloth with corners made of leather needs Tzitzit; one made of leather w/ corners made of cloth is exempt.
#TanyaYomi 26Kislev: Even wise & understand greatness of the Infinite, unless binds knowledge & fixes thought, won’t have true love & fear.
#EmunaYomi 664: Setbacks remind us that we have a job to do and that we’re fighting tough adversaries.


Friday / 11-Dec-20 / 25 Kislev 5781                                  #1455
#ParshaYomi #Vayeshev 6: Potiphar’s wife tries to seduce Joseph. He rejects her. She claims he raped her. He’s thrown in jail. 
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 29:4 Cord of goldsmiths’ balances or weighers of fine purple cloth is regarded as connected up to length of 3 Etzbaot.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 20: Mnemonic to recall impurity transfer order is brewing vat, order like brewing: bring vessel, place barley, then water.
#RambamYomi #YomTov 6:20 Have joy that involves service of God. Impossible to serve God while in midst of levity, frivolity, or drunkenness.
#HalachaYomi OC 10:3 Folds corners of Talit, ties up or sews them, looks like it’s trimmed & no longer has corners, not exempt of Tzitzit.
#TanyaYomi 25Kislev: Soul gradations correspond 10 Sefirot: 3 “mothers”: Chohma(wisdom), Bina(understanding), Daat(knowledge) + 7 multiples.
#EmunaYomi 663: Same principal w/ professional athletes. The better the athlete becomes, the more difficult the competition against him.


Thursday / 10-Dec-20 / 24 Kislev 5781                                  #1454
#ParshaYomi #Vayeshev 5: Joseph, extremely successful and good looking slave in Egypt to Potiphar, who puts him in charge of entire estate.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 29:3 String of common plumb-line considered connected up to length of 12 Amah; carpenters’ up to 18; builders’ up to 50.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 19: Any case of uncertainty with regard to impurity in a public domain: its uncertainty is ruled to be ritually pure.
#RambamYomi #YomTov 5:1 Torah allowed carrying on Chag even if not for food preparation, but can’t carry in same way that does on weekday.
#HalachaYomi OC 9:5 Ram”a: Ashkenazim are accustomed to make only white Tzitzit, even for colored garments; no need to change the custom.
#TanyaYomi 24Kislev: Infinite gradations of soul, include Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama. Descend thru worlds of Atzilut, Beriah, Yetzira, Asiya.
#EmunaYomi 662: Harder opposition for ultimate good in order to enable them to make further spiritual gains, increase their ultimate reward.


Wednesday / 9-Dec-20 / 23 Kislev 5781                                  #1453
#ParshaYomi #Vayeshev 4: Tamar, widow of Judah’s son, dresses as prostitute, has relations with Judah and bears twin boys, Peretz & Zerach.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 28:10 A hair-net that is torn becomes pure if it cannot contain the greater part of the hair.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 18: At times matter that could be derived by means of an a fortiori inference (Kal vachomer), verse wrote it explicitly.
#RambamYomi #YomTov 4:20 Can’t use scale on Chag, or even use to protect food from mice. Expert butcher not allowed to weigh meat by hand.
#HalachaYomi OC 9:2 Ram”a: Don’t make Tzitzit of linen at all even to put them on garment made of other materials and this is our practice.
#TanyaYomi 23Kislev: Evil traits from 4 elements, Kelipa, SitraAhra: Fire|anger, pride; Water|pleasure-seeking; Air|frivolity; Earth|sloth.
#EmunaYomi 661: The stronger a person gets, the stronger evil inclination becomes as well. As makes spiritual gain, meets harder opposition.


Tuesday / 8-Dec-20 / 22 Kislev 5781                                  #1452
#ParshaYomi #Vayeshev 3: Brothers decide to sell Joseph as slave. Mislead father Jacob to believe Joseph dead.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 28:8 Poor men’s clothes, though made up of pieces none of which is 3×3 Tefah are susceptible to Midras uncleanness.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 17: Vessel w/ outside that use, inside receptacle (cushion, blanket, sack) if inside impure, outside too; not viceversa.
#RambamYomi #YomTov 3:12 No making cheese on Chag. If make day before, doesn’t lose flavor. Can crush spices on Chag, not salt; same reason.
#HalachaYomi OC 8:16 One who slept in his Tzitzit at night needs to make a blessing on it in the morning, even if he did not remove it.
#TanyaYomi 22Kislev: 5 types: Tzadik prospers/suffers, wicked prospers/suffers & Beinoni. Beinoni is motivated by both good & evil nature.
#EmunaYomi 660: Self-correction, refinement of the evil inclination, is a war w/ constant ups & downs. Like in war, we win some & lose some.


Monday / 7-Dec-20 / 21 Kislev 5781                                  #1451
#ParshaYomi #Vayeshev 2: Joseph’s brothers plan to kill him. Thanks to Reuben’s intercession they throw him into a pit.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 28:6 If a patch was sewn on to a basket, it conveys one grade of uncleanness and one of unfitness.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 16: “A spring or a cistern, a gathering of water shall be pure,” one who immerses in this water, purified from impurity.
#RambamYomi #YomTov 2:1 Chick hatched on Chag, can’t be handled, Muktze. Calf born on Chag, had designated to eat mother, can also eat calf.
#HalachaYomi OC 8:12 If one has many four cornered garments, all of them are obligated to have fringes (Tzitzit).
#TanyaYomi 21Kislev: Responsa to many questions of faithful seeking moral guidance in service of God. Will find counsel on every matter.
#EmunaYomi 659: Jew has a unique task on earth. With an animal body, capable of surpassing an angel and achieve lofty spiritual heights.


Sunday / 6-Dec-20 / 20 Kislev 5781                                  #1450
#ParshaYomi #Vayeshev 1: 17 yr-old Joseph has dreams foretelling leadership. It sets his brothers against him.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 28:5 Rule: object that’s been changed into one of the same class remains unclean, but if into one of other class, clean.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 15: How can we burn Truma of uncertain status w/ impure Truma? Maybe Elijah will come & determine that it’s not impure?
#RambamYomi #YomTov 1:4 On Chag, can transfer articles from one domain to another & can kindle fire. Can do labors needed to prepare food.
#HalachaYomi OC 8:9 Before making Tzitzit blessing, check strings of the fringes to ensure that they’re fit, so not making blessing in vain.
#TanyaYomi 20Kislev: Listening to moral advice is not the same as reading it. Everyone’s mind is different, absorb lessons differently.
#EmunaYomi 658: No other creation on earth is capable of transforming the material into the spiritual.


Shabbat / 5-Dec-20 / 19 Kislev 5781                                  #1449
#ParshaYomi #Vayishlach 7: Seir the Horite’s sons: Lotan, Shoval, Zivon, Ana, Dishon, Ezer, Dishan. Chieftains, descendants of Edom/Esau.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 28:3 Bandage made of cloth or leather is pure. A poultice is pure if it’s on cloth, but on leather it’s susceptible.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 14: The legal status of a metal sword in terms of degree of impurity is like one who is slain (corpse, highest impurity).
#RambamYomi #Asor 3:1 Can’t wash self on Yom Kipur, not with hot or cold water. Not whole body, not one limb; can’t even dip pinky in water.
#HalachaYomi OC 8:8 When put on Tzitzit have intent: God commanded us to wrap ourselves in it to remember all of His Mitzvot and to do them.
#TanyaYomi 19Kislev: Book of Beinonim. R’ Meshulam Zusil of Anipoli: This book printed to correct mistakes of Kuntresim that have gone out.
#EmunaYomi 657: Tshuva, which literally means “returning” is the process of elevating & converting our animal drives into spiritual power.


Friday / 4-Dec-20 / 18 Kislev 5781                                  #1448
#ParshaYomi #Vayishlach 6: Jacob arrives at BetEl. Rachel dies giving birth to Benjamin; buried in BetLehem. Isaac dies. Esau’s descendants.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 28:1 A piece of cloth three fingerbreadths square that was stuffed into a ball or was itself made into a ball is clean.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 13 Charity food collectors who don’t have poor to give it to, sell it to others for fund & not to selves, so no suspicion.
#RambamYomi #Asor 2:9 Yom Kipur: Pregnant woman overcome w/ desire to eat, whisper to her: today is Yom Kipur. Still desires, feed her.
#HalachaYomi OC 8:4 One should return two of the fringes (Tzitzit) in front, and two behind, in order to be surrounded by the commandments.
#TanyaYomi 18Kislev: Choose men to lead prayer word by word, moderately, out loud, neither overly prolonging nor racing intemperately.
#EmunaYomi 656: Our principal task is to correct self by channeling evil inclination’s negative energy to positive endeavors, Torah/Mitzvot.


Thursday / 3-Dec-20 / 17 Kislev 5781                                  #1447
#ParshaYomi #Vayishlach 5: Hamor’s son Shehem rapes Dina. Wants to marry her. Brothers tell them to circumcise; then kill all city’s men.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 27:11 If found cloth 3×3 Tefah in garbage heap, it must be both sound and capable of wrapping up salt to get uncleanness.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 12: Fourth hour of day is mealtime for all people, 5th hour is for workers, and 6th hour is the time for Torah scholars.
#RambamYomi #Asor 1:2 All that can’t do on Shabat, can’t do Yom Kipur. Difference is punishment if violate Shabat, stoned; Yom Kipur, Karet.
#HalachaYomi OC 8:1 He shall wrap himself in a fringed garment (Tzitzit) and make the blessing over it while standing up.
#TanyaYomi 17Kislev: Deeply grieved that God’s people preventing him who yearns for life & longevity of our brethren from leading prayers.
#EmunaYomi 655: Evil inclination is necessary part of our spiritual anatomy, just as 2 arms, 2 legs are necessary part of physical anatomy.


Wednesday / 2-Dec-20 / 16 Kislev 5781                                  #1446
#ParshaYomi #Vayishlach 4: Jacob insists Esau take gift. Esau offers joint travel. Jacob declines. Gets to Shehem, buys field, builds altar.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 27:9 If a sheet got Midras uncleanness & was made into a curtain, pure from Midras uncleanness but can still contract it.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 11: Abaye: R’ Meir says person will err by a bit in recalling when event happened; R’ Yehuda says errs by hour & a bit.
#RambamYomi #Eruvin 8:14 If holiday falls on Friday, can’t set Eruv Chatzerot or Eruv Tchumin for Shabat on holiday. Rather, do it Thursday.
#HalachaYomi OC 7:1 After use bathroom, either urination or defecation, bless Asher Yatzar (Who has formed) and don’t bless Netilat Yadaim.
#TanyaYomi 16Kislev: Infinite Light and His Unity will be revealed in heart by calling forth the river Eitan, radiance of supernal wisdom.
#EmunaYomi 654: Most important prerequisite for self-correction is self awareness. 1st thing to know is that we each have evil inclination.


Tuesday / 1-Dec-20 / 15 Kislev 5781                                  #1445
#ParshaYomi #Vayishlach 3: Israelites don’t eat hip tendon because angel hurt Jacob there. Jacob sees Esau w/ 400 men. Bows 7x. Hug & kiss.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 27:6 The following are measured when doubled: Felt socks, long stockings, pants, a cap and a money-belt.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 10: Mouse entered house w/ bread in mouth, owner saw & found crumbs, need new inspection. Mouse doesn’t generate crumbs.
#RambamYomi #Eruvin 7:1 Main establishment of Eruv Tchumin is to go to place by foot on Friday. Sages allowed to establish by sending food.
#HalachaYomi OC 6:3 Blessing of “my God, my soul” doesn’t open w/ “blessed”, ‘cuz it’s blessing of thanks, which don’t open with “blessed”.
#TanyaYomi 15Kislev: Internal aspect of the depth, which is inner aspect of Torah, is totally united w/ Infinite Light clothed within Torah.
#EmunaYomi 653: Factors conducive to Emuna: modesty; humility; tearful prayer; silence; charity; sleeping in holiness.


Monday / 30-Nov-20 / 14 Kislev 5781                                  #1444
#ParshaYomi #Vayishlach 2: Account of gift sent. Jacob crossed Yabok River at night. Alone, wrestled angel until dawn, renames him Israel.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 27:5 R’ Akiva: Worn-out pieces of a sifter or a sieve that were adapted for use as a seat are susceptible to uncleanness.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 9: Leaven that want to eat after search, put in hidden place, so marten won’t take it & won’t have to search house again.
#RambamYomi #Eruvin 6:24 Bless for Eruv Tchumin like for courtyard Eruv (Hatzerot) & Shituf. Add “can go 2000 Amot in all directions.”
#HalachaYomi OC 6:1 When one leaves bathroom recite blessing of “Who creates man with wisdom”, as creation of man was done w/ great wisdom.
#TanyaYomi 14Kislev: All worlds, the exalted and the lowly, are dependent on the precise and meticulous performance of a single Mitzva.
#EmunaYomi 652: Detrimental to Emuna: hardening heart; violating Torah; jealousy; anger; disdain of Torah scholars; dishonesty; flattery.


Sunday / 29-Nov-20 / 13 Kislev 5781                                  #1443
#ParshaYomi #Vayishlach 1: Jacob sends Esau gift-laden messengers. Divides camp in 2. Prays to God that Esau shouldn’t kill him & family.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 27:2 Cloth gets Midras uncleanness when it’s 3×3 handbreadths, and to corpse uncleanness when it’s 3×3 fingerbreadths.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 8: Rava: One who uses a torch (Avuka) for the blessing over fire in Havdala has done the Mitzva in the optimal manner.
#RambamYomi #Eruvin 5:22 City belonging to many w/ 1 entry & a ladder in wall, can include entire city in Eruv. Ladder in wall not an entry.
#HalachaYomi OC 4:20 One who washes his face but doesn’t dry it well, skin will get cracks or boils. Treatment is to wash it w/ beet juice.
#TanyaYomi 13Kislev: Through the study of Torah laws in speech & in thought, the Klipot become separated and distinct from the sacred.
#EmunaYomi 651: Should constantly pray to God for more & more Emuna. Invest our principal efforts in attaining & strengthening Emuna.


Shabbat / 28-Nov-20 / 12 Kislev 5781                                  #1442
#ParshaYomi #Vayetze 7: Lavan/Jacob make covenant, not to harm each other & Jacob won’t take other wives. Place stones: YegarSahaduta/GalEd.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 27:1 Cloth is susceptible to 5 categories of uncleanness; Sack-cloth to 4; Leather to 3; Wood, 2; Earthenware vessel, 1.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 7: All agree w/ R’ Yehuda/Shmuel: With regard to all the Mitzvot, recites a blessing over them prior to their performance.
#RambamYomi #Eruvin 4:5 Dad/son, teacher/pupil live in same courtyard, don’t need Eruv. They’re 1 household, even if don’t always eat as 1.
#HalachaYomi OC 4:17 Custom to wash one’s mouth in the morning because of the mucus which is in the mouth.
#TanyaYomi 12Kislev: When man studies Torah, Mishna, Talmud, draws forth Infinite Light into This World, included, nullified in His Light.
#EmunaYomi 650: R’ Nachman warned of flood of atheism that will drown people in spiritual & emotional perils. Only way to save is Emuna.


Friday / 27-Nov-20 / 11 Kislev 5781                                  #1441
#ParshaYomi #Vayetze 6: Jacob runs w/ family, wealth; Rachel steals Lavan’s idols; he pursues; God warns him not to harm Jacob, Jacob vents.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 26:8 The hides of a householder get uncleanness by intention, but those that belong to a tanner do not.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 6: As it was taught in a Baraita: One asks about and teaches the Laws of Pesach thirty days before Pesach.
#RambamYomi #Eruvin 3:9 2 Eruvs separated by wall 10 Tefah high. If reduce height of 4 Tefah long part, can set single Eruv for both areas.
#HalachaYomi OC 4:16 King David was diligent not to sleep “60 breaths” in order not to taste the taste of death (apparently during daytime).
#TanyaYomi 11Kislev: The aim of the Chochmah is the rectification of the visages of Atzilut, upon whom depend the rationales of the Mitzvot.
#EmunaYomi 649: R’ Nachman: It’s good to invest a lot of time in order to merit one hour of proximity to the Tzadik.


Thursday / 26-Nov-20 / 10 Kislev 5781                                  #1440
#ParshaYomi #Vayetze 5: Jacob asks to leave Lavan. Discuss wages. Deal w/ future ringed, spotted & speckled flock. God tells Jacob, go home.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 26:5 Hides that get Midras uncleanness: used for rug; apron; donkey-driver; flax-worker; porter; doctor; crib; cushion.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 5: Reward for 3x “1st” said by Chagim got 3 things called 1st: vanquish Esau’s descendants; build Temple; Messiah’s name.
#RambamYomi #Eruvin 2:10 For an Eruv to be established where non-Jews live, a Jew needs to rent the rights to the non-Jew’s domain.
#HalachaYomi OC 4:11 One should not take water from a person who has not yet washed his hands.
#TanyaYomi 10Kislev: There is a common characteristic that all intellectual fear & love of the angels are considered created ex nihilo.
#EmunaYomi 648: R’ Nachman: That which you hear from the mouth of the Tzadik is more beneficial than that which you learn in books.


Wednesday / 25-Nov-20 / 9 Kislev 5781                                  #1439
#ParshaYomi #Vayetze 4: Ruben finds Lea a flower, Rachel takes & offers Lea night w/ Jacob, Lea has +2 boys, 1 girl. Rachel has son, Josef.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 26:3 The hand-coverings of thorn-pickers are pure. A belt and leg guards are susceptible to uncleanness.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 4: A person who showed a special love for the sea was found to be descendant from the tribe of Zevulun.
#RambamYomi #Eruvin 1:6 Eruv: all join in 1 collection of food before Shabat. Just as share food, share jointly-owned & private property.
#HalachaYomi OC 4:9 Water which has been used for hand-washing before morning prayers should not be used afterwards for any other purpose.
#TanyaYomi 9Kislev: Seed stimulates power of growth within soil, God’s command. So too, parchment, Etrog arouse unto loftiest heights.
#EmunaYomi 647: R’ Nachman: Getting close to Tzadik perfects soul, good in this world & next, brings Messiah, remains close after death.


Tuesday / 24-Nov-20 / 8 Kislev 5781                                  #1438
#ParshaYomi #Vayetze 3: Jacob works 7yrs for Rachel. Dad switches her/Leah, asks +7yrs for Rachel, Jacob agrees. 4 born to Leah, 4 to maids.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 26:2 A laced-up bag whose laces were removed is still susceptible to uncleanness; but if it was made flat it is pure.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 3: A teacher should always teach his student in the shortest way possible to ease remembering.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 30:1 There are 4 dimensions to observing Shabat: 2 Biblical: Remember & Observe. 2 from Prophets: Honor & have Pleasure.
#HalachaYomi OC 4:5 One should not touch a container of beer, because the touch of a hand spoils the beer.
#TanyaYomi 8Kislev: Eliciting from above downward is a necessity thru Mitzvot of performance to draw Light into the vessels.
#EmunaYomi 646: Can’t fully attain Emuna without clinging to the righteous spiritual leaders of the generation, Emunat Chachamim.


Monday / 23-Nov-20 / 7 Kislev 5781                                  #1437
#ParshaYomi #Vayetze 2: Well, 3 flocks waiting, Rachel comes w/ sheep, Jacob takes rock off well, waters Rachel’s flock, kisses her, cries.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 25:9 Holy vessels do not have outer and inner sides or a part by which they are held.
#DafYomi #Pesahim 2: On the night of 14 Nissan, Hametz (leavened bread) is searched for in the house, by candlelight.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 29:5 Can’t eat, drink wine from Shabat start until Kidush. Can’t eat, drink, labor after Shabat until Havdala. Water ok.
#HalachaYomi OC 4:3 One should not put his hands in his mouth, ears, eyes, or nose before washing one’s hands.
#TanyaYomi 7Kislev: Thought is a reflection, an extension of the essence of intellect of soul. Intellect is radiance & garment for the soul.
#EmunaYomi 645: Much room for error in understanding Oral Law. Avoid errors by clinging to righteous scholar and learning from him.


Sunday / 22-Nov-20 / 6 Kislev 5781                                  #1436
#ParshaYomi #Vayetze 1: Jacob leaves BerSheva to Haran. Slept, dream, ladder, angels up & down, God: I’ll give you land, kids. Jacob’s vow.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 25:6 If unclean liquid fell on base, rim, hanger or handle of vessel w/ receptacle, one dries them and they remain clean.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 105: All can enter Heichal to build; repair; remove impurity. Preference Kohen, then Levi, Israel. Must be ritually pure.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 28:19 Servant or maid say Shabat city limit until here, believe. Adult says As child, we went until this place, believe.
#HalachaYomi OC 3:17 One who delays his cavities from elimination transgresses the commandment, “You shall not make yourselves loathsome.”
#TanyaYomi 6Kislev: Comprehending the existence state is not intrinsically as worthy as study of Mitzvot & grasping their essential nature.
#EmunaYomi 644: Substantial portion of Torah classified as Oral Law. Moses received from God & passed on in unbroken chain until today.


Shabbat / 21-Nov-20 / 5 Kislev 5781                                  #1435
#ParshaYomi #Toldot 7: Esau saw Isaac blessed Jacob, sent away, told not to marry Canaanite girl. Esau marries Mahalat, Ishmael’s daughter.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 25:5 Outer side of vessel can’t be divided from inner side. When he immerses the vessel, he must immerse the whole thing.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 104: Can scatter salt on Shabat on altar ramp so Kohens won’t slip; this teaches that in Temple, ok; outside Temple, not.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 27:9 On way to city, if within 2000 cubits of city before Shabat, can walk thru entire city + 2000 cubits on Shabat.
#HalachaYomi OC 3:14 Should take care not to grasp the organ except from the corona downwards and urinate, lest he bring forth seed in vain.
#TanyaYomi 5Kislev: By seizing Etrog & waving it as per Halacha, seizing life-force clothed in Nukva of Atzilut, united w/ Infinite Light.
#EmunaYomi 643: Mitzva to cling to God, but he’s like fire. Way to do so is to cling to Torah scholars & Tzadikim who teach the way of God.


Friday / 20-Nov-20 / 4 Kislev 5781                                  #1434
#ParshaYomi #Toldot 6: Isaac blesses Jacob. Esau vows murder. Rebeca tells Jacob to leave. Isaac orders Jacob to marry Lavan’s daughter.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 25:3 R’ Meir: Measures of wine or oil, a fork-ladle, a mustard-strainer and a wine-filter have an outer and inner side.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 103: R’ Eliezer: Preparations for doing a Mitzva override Shabat prohibitions, but as much as possible alter how done.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 26:16 If fit to be eaten by commonly found animal, can be carried on Shabat. Dry turmos beans for goats, bones for dogs.
#HalachaYomi OC 3:12 One should relieve himself modestly at night, just as in the day.
#TanyaYomi 4Kislev: To perform Mitzva that can’t be delegated to another, forego Torah study & prayer, state of intellectual love & awe.
#EmunaYomi 642: Talmud: can’t fully attain Emuna outside context of Land of Israel. Long to be in Israel & pray for privilege to come.


Thursday / 19-Nov-20 / 3 Kislev 5781                                  #1433
#ParshaYomi #Toldot 5: Isaac old, blind, tells Esau to get food so can bless him. Rebeca tells Jacob to get the blessing. Disguises as Esau.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 25:1 All vessels have different laws for outer and inner sides, such as for, cushions, coverings, sacks and packing-bags.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 102: Put up curtain for privacy, can spread it out & dismantle it on Shabat. It’s not a tent but temporary wall, like door.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 25:3 If can use the utensil on Shabat, can move it. If can’t use, can only move for its place, or if have permitted use.
#HalachaYomi OC 3:9 Don’t sit to defecate in rushed or forceful manner. Don’t force self exceedingly so that won’t rupture anal sphincter.
#TanyaYomi 3Kislev: All Mitzvot are designed to “repair” the 248 organs of the Minor Visage thru drawing Infinite Light into the Intellect.
#EmunaYomi 641: Lustful desires alone are enough to wreak havoc on the soul; they’re spiritual opposite of love of God. Can’t have both.


Wednesday / 18-Nov-20 / 2 Kislev 5781                                  #1432
#ParshaYomi #Toldot 4: Isaac goes to BerSheva. God blesses will have much progeny. Builds altar. Avimeleh, Pihol seek peace treaty w/ Isaac.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 24:15 3 hip-boots types: of hunters get midras uncleanness; locust gatherers get corpse uncleanness; fig-pickers, pure.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 101: Door, mat or lattice that drag on ground, if tied & suspended in place & held above the ground even a little, can use.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 24:1 Forbidden to do or even speak on Shabat about weekday & work matters, even if not violating any forbidden labors.
#HalachaYomi OC 3:5 If defecates in open place w/ no partitions, orient self to face south with back to north, or vice versa. Not east-west.
#TanyaYomi 2Kislev: Prayer calls forth the blessed Infinite Light itself to modify the state of creatures; ill, cured; vegetation sprouts.
#EmunaYomi 640: What the eye sees, the heart desires. By limited gaze to permissible, protect from falling into trap of lustful desires.


Tuesday / 17-Nov-20 / 1 Kislev 5781                                  #1431
#ParshaYomi #Toldot 3: Isaac becomes very wealthy. Avimeleh sends him away. Re-digs dad’s wells. Fight over wells. 3rd well, don’t fight.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 24:13 3 sheet types: for lying upon gets midras uncleanness; curtain gets corpse uncleanness; mural decoration is pure.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 100: R’ Yehoshua: If forced to deviate from Torah commands, better to do so in a passive manner (Shev Ve’al Te’aseh).
#RambamYomi #Shabat 23:4 Can’t do action that completes object, “dealing final blow.” Can’t sound musical tones, with instrument or hands.
#HalachaYomi OC 3:2 Should be modest in bathroom, not uncover self until sitting. Ram”a: Shouldn’t talk there. Should lock door for modesty.
#TanyaYomi 1Kislev: In the 2nd Chamber are the garments that clothe the soul as a result of Mitzvot, though in Lower Garden of Eden.
#EmunaYomi 639: As soon as look at someone else’s spouse & contemplate adultery in any way, eyes, mind become contaminated, destroys soul.


Monday / 16-Nov-20 / 29 Heshvan 5781                                  #1430
#ParshaYomi #Toldot 2: Isaac goes to Grar. Men ask about wife, says sister, fears will kill him for her. Avimeleh discovers, warns locals.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 24:12 3 hide types: rugs get midras uncleanness; wrappers for vessels get corpse uncleanness; for straps & sandals, pure.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 99: Don’t stand in private domain extend head & drink in public domain or viceversa, unless head, most of body where drink.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 22:6 Can pour hot water into cold or cold into hot as long as not on the fire. Can’t put spices into boiling pot.
#HalachaYomi OC 2:4 One should put on right shoe first, not fasten it, then put on left one & fasten it, and return and fasten right one.
#TanyaYomi 29 (w30)Heshvan: Can correct, raise prayer if prays w/ proper intent even 1 full prayer gathered piecemeal from throughout year.
#EmunaYomi 638: Zohar: Person’s principal test in world is to overcome lust for adultery. Spiritually, it begins as soon as contemplates.


Sunday / 15-Nov-20 / 28 Heshvan 5781                                  #1429
#ParshaYomi #Toldot 1: Rebeca conceives, prophecy 2 nations, Esau sells 1stbornship to Jacob. Famine, God to Isaac: don’t leave land, bless.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 24:9 3 baskets types: for dung gets midras uncleanness; for straw gets corpse uncleanness; a camel’s rope bag is pure.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 98: On Shabat: don’t stand in a private domain and urinate into a public domain, or vice-versa. Same for spitting.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 21:1 “Shvut” ceasing activity on Shabat. Torah gave to Sages to define. Resemble forbidden labors or can lead to it.
#HalachaYomi OC 2:3 One should be particular to put on the undergarment the way it goes, so that it he should not turn it inside out.
#TanyaYomi 28Heshvan: No “turning of face to face” (Panim) except thru Mitzvot that require action. Mere thought accomplishes nothing.
#EmunaYomi 637: Adultery, major breach of holy covenant, goes against Judaism & Emuna principles. Nothing severs a person so fast from God.


Shabbat / 14-Nov-20 / 27 Heshvan 5781                                  #1428
#ParshaYomi #ChayeSara 7: Ishmael 137yrs, 12 princes: Nevayot, Kedar, Adbe’el, Mivsam, Mishma, Duma, Masa, Hada, Tema, Yetur, Nafish, Kedma.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 24:7 3 writing tablet types: of papyrus gets midras uncleanness; has wax container gets corpse uncleanness; smooth, pure.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 97: Tfilin’s permanent knot shape: Halakha l’Moshe mi’Sinai; side of knot where shape of letter appears must face outward.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 20:3 Jew can’t lend or hire his animal to a non-Jew to work with on Shabat. Commanded to have his animals rest.
#HalachaYomi OC 1:9 Custom to say the passages of the: Kiyor; removal of ashes; Tamid; Incense Altar; spices of Incense and its preparation.
#TanyaYomi 27Heshvan: Uttered Torah speech “pierces atmospheres.” To elevate from below upward, proper thought is imperative.
#EmunaYomi 636: A breach of one’s holy covenant destroys Emuna and leads directly to sadness, depression, and other emotional problems.


Friday / 13-Nov-20 / 26 Heshvan 5781                                  #1427
#ParshaYomi #ChayeSara 6: Abraham marries Ketura, kids: Zimran, Yokshan, Medan, Midian, Yishbak, Shuah. Sent east w/gifts. Abraham dies 175.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 24:5 3 leather cover types: barbers, gets midras uncleanness; on which eat, gets corpse uncleanness; for olives, pure.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 96: Don’t wear Tfilin on Shabat or YomTov. Tfilin are sign, Shabat & YomTov are signs. Don’t wear sign on day that’s sign.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 19:26 Friday before nightfall, check pockets of clothes in case forgot something there & inadvertently carry on Shabat.
#HalachaYomi OC 1:4 Better few supplications with concentration than much without concentration.
#TanyaYomi 26Heshvan: Charity, kindness that Jews perform w/ generosity of pure hearts, alive, exist in physical world until TchiyatHametim.
#EmunaYomi 635: Emuna & debauchery mutually exclusive; opposite of Shmirat Habrit, causes financial difficulties & destroys livelihood.


Thursday / 12-Nov-20 / 25 Heshvan 5781                                  #1426
#ParshaYomi #ChayeSara 5: Bro & mom try to delay, servant insists, Rebeca wants to go w/ him, go, see Isaac after his prayer, veil, marry.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 24:4 3 box types: Opens at side gets midras uncleanness; opens on top gets corpse uncleanness; holds exact measure, pure.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 95: Bridge with road under it that rests on walls on opposite sides of a public domain, can carry beneath bridge on Shabat.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 18:16 Liable if transfer live animal from domain. Person not considered a burden if move, but if bound or sick, liable.
#HalachaYomi OC 1:1 Should strengthen self like a lion to get up in the morning to serve Creator, so that it’s he who awakens the dawn.
#TanyaYomi 25Heshvan: Metaphorically, souls of Israel = limbs of Shechinah. 2nd Temple destroyed; Israel in exile, suffering, Shechinah too.
#EmunaYomi 634: Just as wouldn’t want to eat from toilet, God doesn’t want to hear prayers from mouth used for lewd & forbidden speech.


Wednesday / 11-Nov-20 / 24 Heshvan 5781                                  #1425
#ParshaYomi #ChayeSara 4: Rebeca’s bro, Lavan, greets servant, brings home, servant tells mission, Lavan & Betuel agree from God & marriage.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 24:1 3 shield types: Bent shield gets midras uncleanness; arena shield gets corpse uncleanness; Arabian toy shield, pure.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 94: R’ Yosi: if can carry there that Shabat, ok in future; if prohibited from carrying there in future, can’t that Shabat.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 17:36 Measurement sizes: Etzba (Fingerbreadth)=thumb width. Tefach (Handbreadth)=4 Etzba. Amah (Cubit)=6 Tefach.
#HalachaYomi KSA 221:6 On days with no Tachanun, don’t fast on Yahrzeit. On day of Brit, father, Sandek & Mohel don’t do Yahrzeit fast.
#TanyaYomi 24Heshvan: Comes to synagogue regularly & doesn’t 1 day, God asks about him. God does same with all Mitzvot, especially charity.
#EmunaYomi 633: A mouth that’s been contaminated with unclean & lewd speech can’t pray properly; it’s like using a toilet as a soup bowl.


Tuesday / 10-Nov-20 / 23 Heshvan 5781                                  #1424
#ParshaYomi #ChayeSara 3: Servant goes to AramNaharaim, prays for girl, condition that waters camels, Rebeca does it. Servant kneels to God.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 23:5 Nets, snares, bird-traps, slings and fishermen’s skeins are susceptible to uncleanness.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 93: Clearing in a vineyard: middle section was laid bare of vines. If don’t have 16 Amah, can’t bring foreign seeds to sow.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 16:16 Enclosure’s open space framed by “entrance”, open space not greater than closed space: can carry within the enclosure.
#HalachaYomi KSA 221:1 Mitzvah to fast, every year, on parent’s Yahrzeit, as inspiration to repentance, examine deeds & lament wrongdoings.
#TanyaYomi 23Heshvan: The Supreme Will vested in Written Torah’s 613 Mitzvot, manifest only in Oral Torah. Repeat Halachot, get Olam Haba.
#EmunaYomi 632: The brain was designed for contemplating Torah and God, and the mouth was designed for speaking Torah and praying.


Monday / 9-Nov-20 / 22 Heshvan 5781                                  #1423
#ParshaYomi #ChayeSara 2: Abraham got field & cave, buried Sarah. Abraham orders servant to get wife for Isaac from hometown. Servant vows.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 23:2 Object fit for riding on gets Merkav uncleanness: Ashkelon donkey belt, Medean saddle, camel’s pillow, horse-cloth.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 92: If large roof next to small roof, & boundary between them no wider than 10 Amah, can use large roof, but not small.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 15:2 Don’t stand in private domain extend head & drink from public domain, or in public domain & drink from private.
#HalachaYomi KSA 220:5 If 7th day of mourning is Friday, and Shabat is YomTov eve, can wash his clothing, bathe & cut hair on eve of Shabat.
#TanyaYomi 22Heshvan: Garments of Lower Garden of Eden for good deeds; of upper Garden are of love & devotion of heart to Torah & prayer.
#EmunaYomi 631: Lewd thoughts and unclean speech lead to violations of the holy covenant, since they defile the brain and the mouth.


Sunday / 8-Nov-20 / 21 Heshvan 5781                                  #1422
#ParshaYomi #ChayeSara 1: Sara dies @ 127yrs in Hebron. Abraham eulogizes, cries; buys Mahpela cave+field from Efron for 400 silver shekel.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 23:1 Ball, mould, amulet or tefillin torn, if touches them becomes unclean; if touches what’s inside them, remains clean.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 91: Sages to R’ Yehuda: Law can’t be determined from that incident; incident occurring during time of danger is no proof.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 14:1 4 domains for Shabat: private; public; Karmelit; Makom Patur. Public: desert, forest, market, road 16 cubits wide.
#HalachaYomi KSA 220:1 A Festival cancels the seven-day and the thirty day periods of mourning.
#TanyaYomi 21Heshvan: Mitzvot were only given to physical man in this world, because he has the choice to turn his heart to good.
#EmunaYomi 630: Sages teach that merely harboring the image of another woman in one’s brain is tantamount to mental adultery.


Shabbat / 7-Nov-20 / 20 Heshvan 5781                                  #1421
#ParshaYomi #Vayera 7: God to Abraham: sacrifice Isaac. Travels 3 days, binds Isaac, angel stops him, passed test, blessed. Rebecca born.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 22:8 A chest whose top part was removed is still susceptible to uncleanness on account of its bottom; and vice-versa.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 90: Rav: large ship greater than 2 Beit Seah, permitted to move an object throughout entire ship, as it is all one domain.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 13:2 Hand like space 4×4 handbreadths. Took item from person’s hand in 1 domain, put in other’s hand in 2nd, liable.
#HalachaYomi KSA 219:5 Buried his dead or got news of relatives’ death on YomTov or HolHamoed, mourning laws don’t apply until after YomTov.
#TanyaYomi 20Heshvan: Person conceives wondrous new insight, at that moment, wondrous delight born in mind. Surpasses intellect & wisdom.
#EmunaYomi 629: Eyes are the window of the soul. Seeing lewd and forbidden images immediately tarnishes the soul.


Friday / 6-Nov-20 / 19 Heshvan 5781                                  #1420
#ParshaYomi #Vayera 6: Avimeleh & Fihol treaty w/ Abraham. Abraham claims well that dug, set aside 7 lambs, swears. Place called Ber Sheva.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 22:6 A chair whose middle seat board was removed but the outer ones remained, it is still susceptible to uncleanness.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 89: Abaye: If built upper story on house by surrounding roof w/ walls and opens to other roofs, can carry on all the roofs.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 12:2 Can’t extinguish fire or coals on Shabat. Adds oil to lamp, liable for kindling; removes oil, extinguishing.
#HalachaYomi KSA 219:1 During Shabat of 7 days of mourning, mourner observes laws that affect private life; doesn’t observe public mourning.
#TanyaYomi 19Heshvan: Every Jew needs to be reincarnated many times, until he has fulfilled all 613 Mitzvot in thought, speech & action.
#EmunaYomi 628: The more immerse self in Torah & the less expose self to today’s lewd & permissive society, we guard better holy covenant.


Thursday / 5-Nov-20 / 18 Heshvan 5781                                  #1419
#ParshaYomi #Vayera 5: Abraham 100 when Isaac born. Big party when weaned. Sarah has Abraham exile Hagar & son. Got lost, angel saves them.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 22:4 A bride’s stool which lost coverings for seatboards: B’ Shamai: still susceptible to uncleanness. B’ Hilel: clean.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 88: Rabah: Person usually uses 2 Seah water/day; w/ courtyard of > 4×4 cubits sprinkles water on ground so dust won’t rise.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 11:15 Wrote on Shabat, only liable if wrote with substance that leaves permanent mark on surface that will preserve it.
#HalachaYomi KSA 217:3 Sick person was notified of relative’s death, and recovered during 1st 7 days, he should complete the remaining days.
#TanyaYomi 18Heshvan: Man’s effort, which his soul toiled in life, above in hidden state. Revealed, radiates from above downward at passing.
#EmunaYomi 627: Kedusha, holiness of thought, speech and deed, is the best way of guarding the holy covenant, Shmirat Habrit.


Wednesday / 4-Nov-20 / 17 Heshvan 5781                                  #1418
#ParshaYomi #Vayera 4: Sodom destroyed. Lot’s wife looks back, turns to salt; girls get him drunk, have sons from him. Avimeleh. Isaac born.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 22:2 A table one of whose legs was removed is clean. If a second leg was removed it is still clean.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 87: Exempt domain between public & private domain, adjust burdens on it, but don’t exchange objects via the exempt domain.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 10:1 On Shabat one can tie a knot that won’t stay tied permanently and that doesn’t need a craftsman to tie it.
#HalachaYomi KSA 215:1 Don’t grieve excessively over dead: If grieves excessively over the dead, will have cause to weep over another death.
#TanyaYomi 17Heshvan: Letter to Berdichever consoling son’s death: Miriam’s death in Torah next to Red Heifer; purified highest impurity.
#EmunaYomi 626: The guarding of Shmirat Habrit (holy covenant) is probably the most conducive factor in attaining and preserving Emuna.


Tuesday / 3-Nov-20 / 16 Heshvan 5781                                  #1417
#ParshaYomi #Vayera 3: Angels @ Sodom, Lot hosts ’em, city threatens ’em, angels blind ’em, grab Lot, wife, 2 girls: exit, don’t look back.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 21:3 One who touches the bow-string or the bow, even though it was stretched, he remains clean. A mole-trap is clean.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 86: If dog barks, enter; if female dog barks, leave: fight w/ son-in-law, can stay in his house, w/ daughter-in-law, leave.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 9:8 Can’t cut nails, hair, mustache or beard on Shabat; derivative of shearing. Can’t remove by hand, but not liable.
#HalachaYomi KSA 214:1 During the first seven days of mourning, the mourner may not leave his house.
#TanyaYomi 16Heshvan: Chakal Tapuhin Kadishin: orchard of holy apples: radiates over disciples, instills thoughts of repentance, good deeds.
#EmunaYomi 625: Shmirat Habrit (holy covenant) means we use our reproductive apparatus only for Mitzvah of procreation and/or marital bliss.


Monday / 2-Nov-20 / 15 Heshvan 5781                                  #1416
#ParshaYomi #Vayera 2: Guests depart to Sodom, Abraham escorts out. God reveals will destroy Sodom, Abraham bargains to save ’em, ends @ 10.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 21:2 If he touches the yoke, crossbar, collar-piece, or the thick ropes, even when they’re being used, he remains clean.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 85: Put courtyard Eruv in a gatehouse, a portico (roofed structure without walls), or a balcony, not a valid Eruv.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 8:12 Can’t separate food from unwanted matter, or 1 food from other on Shabat. Can separate by hand to eat immediately.
#HalachaYomi KSA 212:4 Mourner is forbidden to enter place where a wedding feast is being held during 12 months of mourning for his parents.
#TanyaYomi 15Heshvan: After Tzadik’s death, disciples can receive their part of his faith, awe, love; not just “rays” of his physical body.
#EmunaYomi 624: Nothing destroys Emuna like lewdness & licentiousness. God turns deaf ear to those who fail to keep Shmirat Habrit.


Sunday / 1-Nov-20 / 14 Heshvan 5781                                  #1415
#ParshaYomi #Vayera 1: Abraham gets 3 visitors, prepares feast, they say Sarah will have son, she laughs, God asks Abraham why she laughs.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 20:6 Made sheet that gets Midras uncleanness into a curtain, it’s clean from Midras but still gets corpse uncleanness.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 84: Roof adjacent to public domain needs fixed ladder from courtyard to roof to permit use of roof to courtyard residents.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 7:5 Cut vegetable into small pieces on Shabat, liable; resembles grinding. Grinding: dividing entity into smaller parts.
#HalachaYomi KSA 212:1 Mourner can’t eat at feasts of Brit, Pidyon, Siyum & especially a wedding, entire 12 months of mourning for parents.
#TanyaYomi 14Heshvan: Tzadik’s life isn’t physical but spiritual; consists of faith, awe, love. These 3 attributes prevalent in every world.
#EmunaYomi 623: The light of Torah cleanses and illuminates the heart and soul, and makes them suitable receptacles for Emuna.


Shabbat / 31-Oct-20 / 13 Heshvan 5781                                  #1414
#ParshaYomi #LechLecha 7: Brit Mila; If don’t do it, out of nation. Sarai to be Sarah. Will have son, named Itzhak. Abraham & men did Brit.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 20:5 Wood block fixed to row on a wall: fixed it & didn’t build on it or built on it but didn’t fix it, gets uncleanness.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 83: In a property dispute, the person who has easier access has an advantage.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 6:1 Can’t tell non-Jew to perform work on Shabat on behalf of Jew, even if told before Shabat & don’t need until after.
#HalachaYomi KSA 211:10 When mourning the loss of his father or mother, by custom forbidden to wear new clothes during the entire 12 months.
#TanyaYomi 13Heshvan: When a Tzadik departs, he’s found in all worlds more than during his lifetime; even in this world of action.
#EmunaYomi 622: Torah leads to Emuna only when learned purely for the sake of performing God’s will and not for the sake of personal gain.


Friday / 30-Oct-20 / 12 Heshvan 5781                                  #1413
#ParshaYomi #LechLecha 6: God to Abram: kids’ll be slaves in other land, then return to Canaan. Ishmael born. God changes Abram to Abraham.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 20:2 A bagpipe is not susceptible to Midras uncleanness.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 82: The stomach expands for sweet food.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 5:3 Shabat candles must be lit before sunset. Women more obligated than men. Unsure if Shabat started, don’t light.
#HalachaYomi KSA 211:4 Mourner forbidden to wear a freshly washed garment, even a shirt, during 7 days of mourning.
#TanyaYomi 12Heshvan: God’s name is magnified & sanctified when we walk in right way that He’s shown us & we’ll walk in His path forever.
#EmunaYomi 621: Heretical input like non-kosher food to soul. Enter soul via ears, heart, eyes, brain faster than forbidden food enter body.


Thursday / 29-Oct-20 / 11 Heshvan 5781                                  #1412
#ParshaYomi #LechLecha 5: God: Fear not, Abram; your reward is great. Abram: I have no kids. God: Look at stars, you’ll have as many kids.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 20:1 Pillows, bed coverings, sacks, and packing cases that were damaged are still susceptible to Midras uncleanness.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 81: One can provide benefit to another without his knowledge, but if fulfilling an obligation needs to be informed.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 4:1 Items that add heat when cover food: gefet; manure; salt; lime; sand; damp grape skins, raw wool & grass.
#HalachaYomi KSA 210:7 Mourner forbidden to greet & certainly to laugh. Shouldn’t take a child in his arms so won’t be induced to laughter.
#TanyaYomi 11Heshvan: When Shechinah emerges from KlipatNoga, sparks extracted, evil dispersed, all will be by means of Pnimiyut of Torah.
#EmunaYomi 620: Should avoid heretical input of any media programmed and published by those who spread agnostic & atheistic views & ideas.


Wednesday / 28-Oct-20 / 10 Heshvan 5781                                  #1411
#ParshaYomi #LechLecha 4: Battle of 4 vs 5 kings. 4 kings win, take captives including Lot. Abram fights, wins, returns captives, blessed.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 19:8 If a shepherd’s bag was damaged, the pocket within it retains its uncleanness & is not regarded as connected to it.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 80: R’ Eliezer: Water or salt are not considered food for the establishment of an Eruv.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 3:1 Can start forbidden labor on Friday that continues on own on Shabat & can benefit from what was completed on Shabat.
#HalachaYomi KSA 210:5 Customary that mourner not be the Chazzan on Shabbat and Yom Tov unless there is no one else to do so.
#TanyaYomi 10Heshvan: Every one of Israel is able to reveal secrets of wisdom and is obliged to do so in order to perfect his soul.
#EmunaYomi 619: If Emuna is dependent on strength of our intellect, dangerously exposed to those who know how to present stronger arguments.


Tuesday / 27-Oct-20 / 9 Heshvan 5781                                  #1410
#ParshaYomi #LechLecha 3: Abram & Lot herdsmen quarrel. Lot goes to Jordan plain by Sodom (evil people). God promises Abram land & kids.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 19:7 A box whose opening is at the top can get corpse uncleanness. If a piece fell off of top can get corpse uncleanness.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 79: A woman during delivery is considered in mortal danger and the Sabbath can be violated to help her.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 2:3 Violate Shabat for dangerously ill. Should be done w/o hesitation by leaders & wise; not non-Jews, women or kids.
#HalachaYomi KSA 209:5 Mourner’s prohibition of wearing shoes applies only to leather shoes; “shoe” refers only to shoe made of leather.
#TanyaYomi 9Heshvan: It is amazing what happens in Heaven because of our deliberation & elucidation of Halacha from Gemara & Rishonim.
#EmunaYomi 618: When turn to philosophy, investigative books to search for proof of God’s existence, leads to confusion, breakdown of Emuna.
Monday / 26-Oct-20 / 8 Heshvan 5781                                  #1409
#ParshaYomi #LechLecha 2: Pharaoh takes Sarai, Abram benefits, God plagues Pharaoh & house, Pharaoh confronts Abram, sends them away.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 19:5 If around a bed that had contracted Midras uncleanness one wrapped a mattress, the whole gets Midras uncleanness.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 78: The depth of a ditch and the height of the dug up dirt around the ditch are added to create a liable depth.
#RambamYomi #Shabat 1:1 Prohibition to labor on Shabat. If did on purpose gets Karet; stoned if warned & witnesses; sacrifice if accidental.
#HalachaYomi KSA 208:15 If 2 partners in a store & 1 became a mourner, must close their store so that 2nd partner doesn’t do work publicly.
#TanyaYomi 8Heshvan: Main study mode: deliberate & argue laws of Asur, Mutar, impure, pure, to disencumber Mutar & pure from Asur & impure.
#EmunaYomi 617: Power of written word, especially if heretical, is that it penetrates the heart faster than a swift sword to destroy Emuna.
Sunday / 25-Oct-20 / 7 Heshvan 5781                                  #1408
#ParshaYomi #LechLecha 1: God to Abram: Leave your land, birthplace, dad’s house to land I’ll show you. Will make great nation, bless you.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 19:2 Rope that hangs out from a bed: if less than 5 Tefah, it is clean; 5-10 Tefah long, unclean; > 10 Tefah long, clean.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 77: The Rabbis reinforced the Rabbinic laws they enacted more than the Biblical laws.
#RambamYomi #PrayerOrder 4: Text of the confession and text of the grace after meals.
#HalachaYomi KSA 208:13 During mourning can’t build building, even if done by non-Jew on contractual basis, far-away, where no Jews live.
#TanyaYomi 7Heshvan: Mikra/Mishna/Talmud/Kabala in Atzilut. Mikra vests itself as far as Asiyah; Mishna, as far as Yetzirah; Talmud, Beriah.
#EmunaYomi 616: Emuna also like fine crystal chandelier hand-crafted in months of tedious work. One shove of elbow can send crashing.
Shabbat / 24-Oct-20 / 6 Heshvan 5781                                  #1407
#ParshaYomi #Noah 7: Tower of Babel. Generations, years from Shem until Abram. Abram marries Sarai. Sarai barren. Leave Ur, settle in Haran.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 19:1 One who dismantles a bed in order that he might immerse it and while doing so touches the ropes remains clean.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 76: Placement of the Eruv in a guardhouse, roofed path, or terrace is not effective to create an Eruv.
#RambamYomi #PrayerOrder 3: Text of all the intermediate blessings.
#HalachaYomi KSA 208:6 1st 7 days mourner allowed to send someone to collect his debts, if has reason to fear might be uncollectable later.
#TanyaYomi 6Heshvan: Asur = forbidden = bound, can’t rise up. Mutar = permitted = unbound, can be raised. On Shabat, KlipatNoga raised.
#EmunaYomi 615: Emuna often compared to flame or flickering candle in the heart. Emuna is difficult to acquire but simple to destroy.
Friday / 23-Oct-20 / 5 Heshvan 5781                                  #1406
#ParshaYomi #Noah 6: Noah plants vineyard, gets drunk; Ham sees him naked, Shem & Yafet cover; Noah curses Ham’s son. List world’s nations.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 18:7 If a bed leg that had contracted Midras uncleanness was joined to a bed, the whole bed contracts Midras uncleanness.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 75: 2 yards, one within the other: If he made an Eruv for the inner one & not the outer one, only the inner one is permitted.
#RambamYomi #PrayerOrder 2: Text of the blessings of Shemona Esre (Amida) and their order.
#HalachaYomi KSA 208:1 1st 7 days mourner forbidden to: work, bathe, anoint self, wear shoes, have marital relations, study Torah, greet.
#TanyaYomi 5Heshvan: 2nd Temple scholars had fields, vineyards, yet studied Torah laws, raised thousands of disciples. Secret Kabala study.
#EmunaYomi 614: God doesn’t allow double jeopardy. When we judge ourselves, the Heavenly Court is not allowed to judge us.
Thursday / 22-Oct-20 / 4 Heshvan 5781                                  #1405
#ParshaYomi #Noah 5: God to Noah: Covenant with you, descendants & all creatures on earth. I’ll never flood world again. Rainbow my sign.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 18:5 Bed got Midras uncleanness: short side removed, 2 legs still remain, unclean. If long side & 2 legs removed, clean.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 74: Roofs, gardens and yards are like one domain to move utensils within these areas on the Sabbath.
#RambamYomi #PrayerOrder 1: Order of prayer for the entire year.
#HalachaYomi KSA 207:3 Don’t say: “I haven’t been punished enough for my evil deeds,” or similar, so as not to open the mouth of the Satan.
#TanyaYomi 4Heshvan: “Wise shall shine as splendor of firmament.” = Zohar = Tree of Life. Israel, thru Zohar will leave exile with mercy.
#EmunaYomi 613: If judge self daily, make decisions to correct what need to & don’t accrue spiritual debts that lead to stern judgments.
Wednesday / 21-Oct-20 / 3 Heshvan 5781                                  #1404
#ParshaYomi #Noah 4: God to Noah: Exit ark, multiply. Won’t curse earth again ‘cuz of man. Man can eat meat, but not blood. Don’t murder.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 18:3 Leg missing from chest, box or cupboard, even if can still hold things, clean, since can’t hold in usual manner.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 73: Field workers, if they sleep in the city, have the Sabbath walking-rights of city dwellers.
#RambamYomi #Mila 3:2 At end say: Just as you’ve brought him into the covenant, so, too, may you bring him to Torah, marriage & good deeds.
#HalachaYomi KSA 207:1 It is a great Mitzvah to console mourners. The comforters should not speak before the mourner begins to speak.
#TanyaYomi 3Heshvan: “Do I, then, not fill the heavens & the earth, says God.” Infinitely beyond intellect to comprehend what that means.
#EmunaYomi 612: Words of heresy or agnosticism extinguish the spark of Emuna and render a person’s soul cold and dark, Heaven forbid.
Tuesday / 20-Oct-20 / 2 Heshvan 5781                                  #1403
#ParshaYomi #Noah 3: Floodwaters raised ark. Water covered all tall mountains. All creatures perished. Only Noah & those in ark survived.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 18:1 A wooden chest: Bet Shammai says: it is measured on the inside; And Bet Hillel says: on the outside.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 72: The place where a person sleeps is what establishes what his legal home is.
#RambamYomi #Mila 2:1 Mila can be done by slave, woman or minor if no man around. Gentile can’t do, but if did, don’t repeat. Use knife.
#HalachaYomi KSA 206:4 Got timely news of death on Shabat, counted as 1 day, at end of Shabat tear garments & observe 6 days of mourning.
#TanyaYomi 2Heshvan: Heathen speaking & disturbing prayer; from God. Need to concentrate more on prayer until point where doesn’t hear.
#EmunaYomi 611: Words of Emuna do wonders for soul. Should be careful to avoid saying anything that contains hint of heresy, even as joke.
Monday / 19-Oct-20 / 1 Heshvan 5781                                  #1402
#ParshaYomi #Noah 2: Pure animals, 7; impure, 2. Noah 600yrs old, flood starts. Month 2, Day 17. Rain 40 days/nights. Creatures came 2 by 2.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 17:17 The base of the goldsmiths’ anvil is susceptible to uncleanness, but that of the blacksmiths is clean.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 71: In the laws of Eruvin we do not follow two strictures from one Tana (Rabbi from the Mishna period).
#RambamYomi #Mila 1:1 Mila positive Mitzva, punishment Karet: uncircumcised male who doesn’t circumcise foreskin, soul cut off from people.
#HalachaYomi KSA 205:9 It was the custom to fast on the day a Torah scholar passed away.
#TanyaYomi 1Heshvan: Heathens get life from Achorayim of holiness. From numerous contractions get materiality, its pleasures; wealth; honor.
#EmunaYomi 610: By speaking words of Emuna, arouse spark of Emuna in us, kindles flame, warms, illuminates soul & invokes God’s compassion.
Sunday / 18-Oct-20 / 30 Tishre 5781                                  #1401
#ParshaYomi #Noah 1: God to Noah: I’m destroying man ‘cuz of his sins. Build ark, gather family, 2 of each animal. Ark 300 x 50 x 30 cubits.
#MishnaYomi #Kelim 17:14 Created on 1st, 3rd & 6th day, impure. On 2nd, 4th & 5th days, pure, except for vulture wing & plated ostrich egg.
#DafYomi #Eruvin 70: Any area that was permissible to carry in at the start of the Sabbath, can be carried in the entire Sabbath.
#RambamYomi #Brahot 11:8 Made Suka, Lulav, Shofar, Tzitzit, Tefilin, Mezuza, don’t bless, ‘cuz still Mitzva to perform. Bless when perform.
#HalachaYomi KSA 205:4 A woman should not be provided with the condolence meal by men, rather women should provide her with the meal.
#TanyaYomi 30Tishre: Man’s soul compounded of 10 Sefirot. Soul’s attributes analogous to Sefirot. When speak words of Torah unifies Shehina.
#EmunaYomi 609: Prayer: “I believe that success comes from God. I’ve done my best to prepare, please God, help me succeed!”

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