Shabbat Tweets, Chapter 17

Chapter 17:

Pg 123: It’s prohibited to purposely vomit on the Sabbath in order to empty ones stomach to eat more.

Pg 124: The difference between the Sabbath and the Holidays is that one can prepare food on the Holidays.

Pg 125: One can shut a window on the Sabbath. It is not considered “building”.

Chapter 17 Summary: “Kol Hakelim”: Development and eventual relaxation of laws of “Muktzeh”, articles that cannot be handled on the Sabbath.

Muktzeh because of loss of value cannot be handled.

Muktzeh because of prohibited use can be moved for the objects benefit or because one needs the place it is resting.

Muktzeh because it’s “disgusting” can be handled.

Raw materials and money cannot be handled.

Anything that becomes Muktzeh with the entry of the Sabbath remains Muktzeh for the entire Sabbath. All the above is just for the Sabbath. Muktzeh on the Holidays is more stringent.

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