An eclectic collection of different Jewish study resources under development:

Laining Chart (Breakdown of Weekly Torah Reading Schedule)

Mitzvot (Table of Commandments)

6-month Mishna schedule


Mars Jewish Calendar

Torah and Careers: A Practical Approach

Miracles and The Power of Multiplication

– Rabban Gamliel’s Opposing Crescent Moons

Einstein’s Shmitta: Theories and Divine Calculus

– Divine Redshift & Blueshift: Spiritual Expansion and Contraction in the Tabernacle

– Modern Recreation of the Sword of Ehud by blacksmith Ken Cox

Influence of the Planets and Etymology of Weekday Names in the Talmud (Background for Tractate Brahot 59b)

Practical Focused Talmudic Astrology (Background for Tractate Sabbath 129b)

– Bar-Mitzvah sermon for Yoel Epstein

Letter of Nachmanides (Ramban)

Al Hanisim for Yom Haatzmaut (Thanksgiving Prayer for Israel Independence Day)

Daf Yomi Highlights

Derech Hashem

Commandments Express

Independence and Identity [1]

– Beginning with the Basics [2]

Meat and Potatoes [3]


Footprints in Eternity

Nine Measures

Daily Rambam

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An Exploration of Classic Jewish Texts

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