Ma’are Mekomot Hiljot Shabat shiur 1

Basic Documents:


1. Translation of Masejet Shabat into English: Shabbath

2. Shuljan Aruj:

3. Mishna Berurah:

4. Entry to Masejet Shabat text online:

5. Entry to Rambam Hiljot Shabat online:

6. English Translation of all of Babylonian Talmud:


Source sheets:


Class 1: Introduction to Hiljot Shabat (September 30, 2013):

a. Biblical Sources for Keeping Shabat, Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon: 39 Melajot Rav Rimon

b. Illustration of 39 Melajot from Mishna Behira Jorev:

39MelajotMishnaA 39MelajotMishnaB 39MelajotMishnaC 39MelajotMishnaD

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