Stories by Parsha

Book of Genesis Torah Portion
The Forge of Music Bereshit
Tower of Egotism Noach
Oath-Brothers Lech Lecha
Escape from Sodom Vayera
Reconciliation Chayei Sarah
Rebecca’s Crisis Toldot
The Shepherd’s Kiss Vayetze
Rachel’s Gambit Vayetze
Death Pangs Vayishlach
Joseph’s Egyptian Attorney Vayeshev
Benjamin’s Fear Miketz
Joseph Revealed Vayigash
The First Anti-Semite Vayechi
Book of Exodus Torah Portion
Harbinger of Light Shmot
Drinks at The Hungry Crocodile Vaera
Pharaoh’s Cousin Bo
Battle of Amalek Beshalach
Jethro’s Deception Yitro
Mount Sinai Mishpatim
Building Committee Terumah
The Case of the Missing Tekhelet Tetzaveh
Massacre of the Calf Worshipers Ki Tisah
Golden Artist Vayakhel
Cold Heart, Warm Wood Pekudai
Book of Leviticus Torah Portion
Blood Link Vayikra
Bloody Dissonance Tzav
Elisheva’s Grief Shemini
A Father’s Wager Tazria
The Gossipmonger Metzora
The Butcher Acharai Mot
Metal Deception Kedoshim
The Blasphemer Emor
Insidious Interest Behar
“Seven Times More Plagues” Bechukotai
Book of Numbers Torah Portion
Courtship of the Blind Levite Bamidbar
The Levite Sotah Naso
The Price of Prophecy Behaalotcha
Men Dare Tread Shelach
Datan’s Inferno Korach
The Happy Gravedigger Chukat
The Donkey and The Angel Balak
Attractive Spinsters Pinchas
The Determined Executioner Matot
The Next Leader Masaei
Book of Deuteronomy Torah Portion
‘By the hand of a loved one’ Dvarim
Precarious Wisdom Vaetchanan
The Water Swindler Ekev
Stone Hunters Re’eh
Left-handed Justice Shoftim
Angelic Paramour Assassin in Training Ki Tetze
The Shlemiel Seeks the Nameless One Ki Tavo
Reachable God Nitzavim
The Fiery Baton Vayelech
The Riddle Master of Moab Haazinu
Stopping Moses Vezot Habracha

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