Warrior Prophets 2: Assassin

Warrior Prophets, Book 2: Assassin

A Biblical Fiction Novel based on the story, events and characters of Ehud ben Gerah and Eglon King of Moab from the Book of Judges.

Prophetic Prologue: Abram’s Covenant

Chapter 1: Copper Threat

Chapter 2: Trial of a Tribe

Chapter 3: Traitorous Deceptions

Chapter 4: Bloody Brothers

Chapter 5: The Berserker

Chapter 6: Surprising Monarchy

Chapter 7: The Dreamer

Chapter 8: The Inadvertent Spy

Chapter 9: The Dancer

Chapter 10: Shilo Showdown

Chapter 11: Inspired Leadership

Chapter 12: Dinner of Conquerors

Chapter 13: Fast Friends

Chapter 14: Invasion of Canaan

Chapter 15: Burning Hebrews

Chapter 16: Divide and Conquer

Chapter 17: Council of Shilo

Chapter 18: Baby Steps

Chapter 19: Galkak’s Enemies

Chapter 20: The Weight of Oppression

Chapter 21: Egyptian Dowry

Chapter 22: Blacksmith’s Deception

Chapter 23: Clouds of War

Chapter 24: The Sword of Ehud

Chapter 25: Hidden Weapons

Chapter 26: The Battle of Moab

Chapter 27: King of the River

Epilogue: Scribe of Eternity

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