Warrior Prophets 3: Ancestress

Ruth in the field of Boaz. Painting by Gustave Dore.

Chapters from the third book of the Warrior Prophets series, based on the Book of Ruth:

Prologue: Passionate Sparks

Chapter 1: Elimelech’s Sin

Chapter 2: The Prophecy

Chapter 3: Dangerous Charity

Chapter 4: Choice Neighbors

Chapter 5: Match-destroyers

Chapter 6: Bittersweet Weddings

Chapter 7: Holding the Fort

Chapter 8: You can’t choose family

Chapter 9: The Trouble with Brother-in-laws

Chapter 10: Mother’s Loss

Chapter 11: Bitter Sorrow

Chapter 12: Judean Homecoming

Chapter 13: Vacant Housewarming

Chapter 14: Harvest of Hope

Chapter 15: My Father’s Killer

Chapter 16: Straw Men

Chapter 17: Old Warriors

Chapter 18: Storming the Castle

Chapter 19: Visions of Goliath

Chapter 20: Mad Widow

Chapter 21: Romance with Strings

Chapter 22: Biblical Bigotry

Chapter 23: Romantic Threats

Chapter 24: Confusing Counteroffers

Chapter 25: Plea for Seduction

Chapter 26: Seducing a Saint

Chapter 27: House of the Removed Shoe

Chapter 28: Battle of the Spirits

Chapter 29: Lion of Judah

Epilogue: The Temple of Solomon

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